Dafon granite stone block cutting machine DF-2500/2800/3200

Author:Dafon Kerbstone Machine FROM:Stone Machine Manufacturer TIME:2022-12-25

Stone Block cutting machine Features:

The block cutting machine is mainly for granite and marble, it adopts multi-disc and PLC programmable control and man-machine interface, combined with a super-precision rotary encoder for slicing, uses frequency converter to control left-right feeding and adjusts the speed according to the stone material.stone block cutting machine adopts a hydraulic lifting system and forward-backward slicing adopts high-precision screw nut driving, automatic slicing, main spare parts adopt imported good-quality materials. The block can be placed on the ground directly, saving the cost of trolley and maintenance. It is especially suitable for cutting high-value granite and marble block because of high-efficiency cutting rate, high precision slicing, flatness, stability and easy operation.


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