Dafon single-arm combination hydraulic block cutter for granite

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Single-arm combination block cutter can be installed 10 blades at a time (5 large and 5 small, the maximum diameter of the saw blade is 1800 mm; some hydraulic block cutter can be installed 6 blades at a time (3 large and 3 small), the maximum diameter of the saw blade is 1 600 mm.

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Single-arm combination block cutter of the mainframe using the suspension structure, the mainframe saw blade for cutting movement, into the knife, retreat movement. The sawing head is fixed on the slide rail, the slide rail in the slide seat to do lifting movement, the slide rail is limited by the height of the lift stroke is generally within 800 mm, the slide seat horizontal outreach cantilever fixed in the cement column. Single-arm combination granite block cutter slide seat are generally made higher, the force of the upper push moment pivot distance is larger, so the ability to withstand the top moment is also strong; and the width of the slide seat guide is relatively narrow, so the ability to withstand the horizontal torque is poor.

hydraulic block cutter

The barren material is put on the dolly with the dolly for reciprocating movement. The length of the two tracks of the trolley is generally around 6 m, which requires high level and parallelism in the whole length range to ensure the uniform and stable movement of the cart. When sawing a knife need to be shifted to saw the second knife, this type of sawing machines are placed on the table above the slice car feed screw with guards and gap adjustment device, greatly improving the service life of the screw and slice accuracy.

Single-arm combination block cutter using two cars overlap, increasing the instability of the table. The travel of the carriage on the dolly is also small, so it can only be used for the low height and narrow width of the barren material. The machine uses a cycloid reducer to drive the lifting screw to make the saw blade lift easy to maintain and the failure rate is low.

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