Frankfurt Head Marble line polishing machine

Committed to excellence in every aspect of production, DAFON takes great pride in being a premier manufacturer of stone slab polishing machine that achieves unparalleled results in design, manufacture, and trading.
Price: Negotiable
Brand Name: DAFON
Certification: CE, ISO
Model Number: DFMJ-16C/24C
Power: Depends on heads no.
Weight: Depends on head quantity
Application: Art & Craft, Stone Industry
Place of Origin: CHINA.
Trading Method: FOB/CIF/EXW Xiamen Port
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 SET
Delivery Time:90 Days
Packaging logistics: In wooded cases with fumigation finish or wrapped with plastic film.

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Granite line polishing machine is currently the most ideal, fully automated continuous polishing line for polishing large plates and strips, with the highest production efficiency and the best product quality.

Marble line polishing machine


According to the different grinding and polishing materials, there are granite line polishing machines and granite fully automatic continuous polishing lines; according to the number of grinding heads installed on the polishing line, there are 16-head, 24-head, and 32-head fully automatic continuous polishing lines. The fully automatic continuous large plate polishing line can be used to polish large parquets with high production efficiency.

Marble line polishing machine


Fully automatic plate turning machine; large plate transition conveyor; conveyor belt; edge trimming device; bridge pendulum; grinding head assembly; operation control panel; cleaning and drying device; scanning device; large plate transition device; fully automatic plate unloader

Marble line polishing machine

The entire grinding and polishing operation process is completed by the PLC control system; parameters are set by controlling the touch screen;
The grinding head's ascent and descent, swing bridge and conveyor belt operations can be automatically judged based on the shape of the stone.
It is equipped with an alarm system for fault prompts and abrasive consumption to remind the operator to replace it in time;

Track and record stone grinding throughout the process

Frankfurt Head

Techinical Data




Maximum grinding plate width



Crossbeam swing speed



Cross beam drive motor



Belt drive speed



Belt drive power



main motor power



Number of grinding heads



Grinding disc diameter



cooling water pressure



compressed air



Host size



Host total power



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Frankfurt Head Marble line polishing machineMain Parts
Quality Conveyor Belt

1. Quality Conveyor Belt

1. Thickness: 12mm 2.Teeth design to prevent slippag

2. Automatic loader and unloader

1. Vacuum suction take slabs up, then oil pump will fix the slabs 2. Aluminum alloy roller, wear-resistant and not easy to corrode 3. Oil pump control the table go up and go down automatic, more stable
Automatic loader and unloader
Abrasive combination for 20heads

3. Abrasive combination for 20heads

50#*3pcs+200#*2pcs+400#*2pcs+500#*2pcs+800#*2pcs+1500#*1pcs+#2000*1pcs+white buff*3pcs Diamond Abrasive: #50 #200 #400 Resin Abrasive: #800 # 1200 #1500 Grinding Abrasive: #2000, buff(white black)
Frankfurt Head Marble line polishing machine
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Provide customized services
Provide customized services
Customized planning of production lines, production of ancillary machines, drawings, installation and production design solutions
Remote Services System
Remote Services System
Our company offers a one-to-one remote service. Ensuring a timely contact with our customers.
Training on the use of machines
Training on the use of machines
we can provide customers with technical support, training and after-sales service.
We offer online remote installation guidance for stone machine
We offer online remote installation guidance for stone machine
We offer online remote installation guidance for Frankfurt Head Marble line polishing machine.And we also provideinstallation video and installation manual available.
Frankfurt Head Marble line polishing machine
Related Quality Control
1.Reliable and stable supply chain
We have reliable and qualified raw material suppliers, strengthen the inspection and quality control of raw materials, and ensure that the production process is not affected by factors such as material quality.
2.Strict and orderly production site
We strengthen on-site production management, improve the management level of production site employees, discover quality problems in time, and deal with them in a timely manner.
3.International standard equipments
All our stone machine and equipment are comply with internation standard, customers can easily find spare parts and electronic parts locally.
4.Regular technical training
Strengthen the training, improve the professional level and work quality of employees.
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