Dafon automatic granite polishing machine

Author:Dafon Kerbstone Machine FROM:Stone Machine Manufacturer TIME:2022-11-26

Granite line polish machine for slabs is divided into automatic granite polishing machine and standard plate continuous mill according to the width of its grinding plate ding.

 granite line polish machine

1. Composition of granite line polish machine for slabs

The automatic granite polishing machine is mainly used for grinding and polishing large plates with width over 1,000 mm, and its equipment composition is basically the same as that of the marble plate mill, consisting of transfer table, spindle bridge, spindle, hydraulic system, control system, etc.

 automatic granite polishing machine

2.  Working principle of granite line polish machine for slabs

The lateral movement of the spindle bridge of the automatic granite polishing machine is controlled by a hydraulic system, with the number of movements ranging from 0 to 12 times per minute, depending on the type and quality of the material to be processed, the spindle is decelerated at the beginning and end of each stroke or when it stops at the edge of the plate. Granite stone polishing machine for slads is also equipped with a hydraulic rotary brush at the end of the spindle bridge to clean the surface of the stone plate. Unlike the marble continuous mill head, the granite slab continuous mill spindle is equipped with a cogging head.

granite stone polishing machine

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