Dafon cnc granite stone cutting machine

Author:Dafon Kerbstone Machine FROM:Stone Machine Manufacturer TIME:2023-01-16


CNC stone cutting machine is equipped with PLC according to the control system and touch screen operation interface, which is flexible and simple to operate. The machine structure is integrated, small in area, and easy to install. 

The CNC stone machine main components of the machine adopt high-quality imported accessories, the main motor is a servo motor, and the head rotates 0- 360 degrees, the worktable can be tilted at 85 degrees, adjust the speed and positioning according to the material of the stone, intelligently perform cross-cutting, vertical cutting and oblique cutting, and can switch the round, arc, and fan shapes of the stone and slab according to the cutting mode. The machine head can also be rotated 45 degrees to cut the stone and the four sides of the rock slab inner chamfering. 

There is no need to move the board. It is convenient to trace the pattern. The structure is advanced and reasonable, high cutting efficiency, high precision, high stability, simple operation, etc., especially suitable for cutting the high-value marble, rock slab, and other materials.


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