Granite marble stone polishing machine line

DAFON's meticulous approach to design, manufacturing, and trading has made it a reputable manufacturer of stone polishing machine line, consistently exceeding client expectations through consistent quality and innovation.
Price: Negotiable
Brand Name: DAFON
Certification: CE, ISO
Model Number: DFMJ-16C-24C
Power: Depends on heads no.
Weight: Depends on head quantity
Application: stone/marble/granite
Place of Origin: CHINA.
Trading Method: FOB/CIF/EXW Xiamen Port
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 SET
Delivery Time:90 Days
Packaging logistics: In wooded cases with fumigation finish or wrapped with plastic film.

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Granite stone polishing machine is suitable for polishing Granite slabs or strips. Use the PLC system and liquid crystal display screen menu offer intelligent control. Establish Auto-dodging function and shape memory function. allocation the abrasive consumption equip. which has high automation operation and low labor the strength.

Allocation the flexibility Resin polishing heads. Prominent improvement on the polishing efficiency and polishing quality and greatly reduced abrasive consumption. 

Marble stone polishing machine using the most advanced high quality construction , rational structure. high stability and efficiency and energy saving operation. The power movement of polishing heads using the spread-allied set, to improve slab flatness , reduce movement consumption and enhanced the longer working life. We can do the machines according to the client's requirements, like the number of heads, processing width and length.

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 Technique Description :

I. Stone polishing machine suitable for the surface polishing granite/marble

II. Using PLC intelligent control system and through the LCD touch screen human-computer dialogue, to achieve intelligent control.

III. A grinding head automatic collision avoidance and shape memory function, and is configured to abrasive wear alarm device, the machine has high automation degree, low labor intensity.

IV. Allocation of special granite grinding head/marble elastic grinding, polishing and polishing quality, and greatly reduced abrasive consumption.

V. Selection of sophisticated, reasonable structure, improving processing technology. finishing strong rigidity. Stable performance.

VI. Stone polishing machine Grinding head, grinding head upper part and key bearings are used in the central automatic lubrication system.

VII. Grinding power transmission using joint belt teeth narrow V belt, greatly reducing the power loss and increase the service lift.

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Granite marble stone polishing machine lineMain Parts
Abrasive combination for 20heads

1. Abrasive combination for 20heads

50#*3pcs+200#*2pcs+400#*2pcs+500#*2pcs+800#*2pcs+1500#*1pcs+#2000*1pcs+white buff*3pcs Diamond Abrasive: #50 #200 #400 Resin Abrasive: #800 # 1200 #1500 Grinding Abrasive: #2000, buff(white black)

2. Best Electrical cabinet

Electric parts 1. Screen:Weinview, Taiwan 2. PLC: Mitsubishi, Japan 3. Inverter: Schneider, Germany 4. Relay:Schneider, Germany 5. Protector motor: Schneider, Germany
Best Electrical cabinet
Automatic loader and unloader

3. Automatic loader and unloader

1. Vacuum suction take slabs up, then oil pump will fix the slabs 2. Aluminum alloy roller, wear-resistant and not easy to corrode 3. Oil pump control the table go up and go down automatic, more stable
Granite marble stone polishing machine line
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Factory planning
Factory planning
Our experienced pre-sale team can provide full solution for stone factory and workshop planning, including Granite marble stone polishing machine line suggestion and necessary machine parts and diamond accessories.
Provide suitable stone machine installation solutions
Provide suitable stone machine installation solutions
We have extensive Granite marble stone polishing machine line installation experience both at home and abroad and can provide our customers with suitable installation solutions.
Provide customized services
Provide customized services
Customized planning of production lines, production of ancillary machines, drawings, installation and production design solutions
Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance
All purchased components and machine part are tested by our staff at QC department so that each and single part are of the exact quality and dimension as designed.
Granite marble stone polishing machine line
Related Quality Control
1.Strict and orderly production site
We strengthen on-site production management, improve the management level of production site employees, discover quality problems in time, and deal with them in a timely manner.
2.Quality assurances
All Granite marble stone polishing machine line purchased components are tested by our staff at QC department so that each and single part are of the exact quality and dimension as designed.
3.Quality management system
Dafon has formulated a sound quality management system,ensure that the quality of the production machines and services can meet the standards.
4.International standard equipments
All our stone machine and equipment are comply with internation standard, customers can easily find spare parts and electronic parts locally.
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