Dafon cnc bridge stone cutting equipment used for the processing slabs

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The stone cutting equipment is mainly used for the processing of semi-finished and finished stone slabs. Both large and small stone manufacturers have the bridge stone cutting machine, which is one of the most widely used stone processing machines.

 stone cutting equipment

1. Introduction to the stone cutting equipment

In the absence of grinding, chamfering and grooving, cutting is the last process of general engineering plate processing, as well as the last process of other shaped processing.The cnc bridge saw processing accuracy directly affects the geometric accuracy of the engineering plate, while the way the cutter is discharged is also directly related to the plate yield and processing costs. Therefore, the manufacture and use of 2345 is very important to the processing of the plate.

 cnc bridge saw


2.Stone cutting equipment and stone cutting machine compared with the following aspects of the difference:


(1)stone cutting equipment is mostly used to cut stone semi-finished or finished products, while the rough cutter is cut directly from the rough material on the rough slab.


(2) The cutting depth of the 3456 is smaller than that of the rough cutter, mainly because the saw blade diameter is smaller than that of the rough cutter.


(3)The type of stone cutting equipment is also more than that of the barren material cutting machine.The natural stone cutting machine can be divided into large board cutting machine and small board cutting machine according to the size of the processing plate, cutting large board mainly for the bridge type cutting machine, cutting small board for the horizontal cutting machine. According to the number of cutting heads of the saw blade can be divided into single-head cutting machine and multi-head cutting machine. In addition, there are vertical cutters and horizontal cutters.

cnc stone machine

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