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The process of liquid marble in cnc stone cutting machine

Author:Dafon Kerbstone Machine FROM:Stone Machine Manufacturer TIME:2022-12-01

Stone processing technology is diverse with the development of science and technology advances out of the process of processing products have broken through our inherent imagination.

Marble as one of the hardest materials.It is popular in the building materials market.You may not imagine that one day, the hard marble will become so soft and romantic.
Liquid marble is hard natural stone through linear sawing, CNC carving and hand polishing, thus forming a visually liquefied state.
The product specification is customized according to the site size, the thickness can be 20/30/50mm, and the weight of 20mm is 55kg/㎡.
Surface treatment: polished/matte Common applications: art decoration, household products, wall flooring, etc.

Performance characteristics

1.The combination of linear sawing and CNC carving can create a 3D effect of the stone

cnc stone machine
2.It can be carved on the stone surface of different depths, tilt exquisite realistic patterns

cnc stone cutting machine
3.Combined with the artificial fine polishing, it will show the natural form of texture

manual polishing
4.Under the reflection of light and shadow to highlight the exquisite proportion, creating an artistic atmosphere

Construction point 

Linear sawing to form the prototype
CNC carving carves out the peak and valley
Hand polishing final perfection 

profiling machine

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