Components and working principle of best bridge saw machine

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1) Composition

The bridge saw machine consists of four main components: the main motion system, the transverse feed system (X-direction), the longitudinal feed system (Z-direction) and the table. bridge saw cutting machine's main components of the overall structure are the crossbeam, the longitudinal guide, the transverse guide, the column, the cutting head and so on. The crossbeam is connected to the column with ground bolts, and the transverse guide support body is fixed to the column by ground bolts.

 bridge saw cutting machine

(2) Working principle

Bridge saw machine spindle motor through the V-belt, drive the spindle to do rotary cutting movement, the spindle is installed in the spindle box. The diamond circular saw blade is mounted on the spindle by means of a flange. A protective cover and cooling water pipe are installed on the outside of the saw blade. The lifting of the spindle is accomplished by a lifting system,best bridge saw machine which consists of a vertical feed motor connected to a screw through a gear, which is driven to the screw by the output shaft of the reducer, thus completing the lifting movement of the spindle.

 Dafon bridge cutting machine_副本.jpg

The horizontal movement of the saw blade of bridge saw machine is driven by the horizontal feed motor through the gearbox, which engages with the rack on the crossbeam, while the sliding table for the entire horizontal movement slides on the two rails of the crossbeam, thus driving the horizontal movement of the entire spindle system.

  Bridge saw machine relies on the asynchronous motor through the gearbox to transmit the movement to the screw connected to the carriage, which drives the nut, thus driving the movement of the entire table. This drives the movement of the entire table.

best bridge saw

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