What do you care about most when purchasing stone machinery?

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When purchasing stone machinery, you must have your own set of assessment standards, such as the machine's performance, purpose, function, price, supplier's delivery capacity, customer's budget and other factors. Compared with other products, stone machinery is the most important consideration. The most important thing is the suppliers after-sales service capabilities for the machine. This is an assessment standard for measuring a supplier's capabilities.


dafon machinery pays special attention to the service module and clearly divides the services into three modules: pre-sales service, in-sale service and post-sales service. And establish relevant executive regulations and establish a sound service system. Establish a dedicated 24-hour service team to actively cooperate with customers to solve problems encountered by them.

Pre-sales Service:

1.  Demystify Dafon Machinery Company

Demystify Dafon Machinery Company's  history, Our Expertise, and our advanced technology let you get to know us well

2. Tailored Solutions, Not One-Size-Fits-All

We're not just product peddlers. according to your unique needs and vision, we will make customized solutions for you

3. Factory Blueprint to Reality

From technical consultations on optimal machine layouts to comprehensive construction blueprints, we'll translate your vision into a tangible, efficient factory.

4. Equip for Success

We're your one-stop shop for all factory construction needs. stone machines, machine Spare parts, tools, and beyond,we ensure you have everything to hit the ground running.


 Pre-sales Service:

In-Sales Service:

1. Full control of production progress

We carry out timely scheduling of production, report to you on production progress, and supervise and coordinate the production department to produce according to plan

2. Providing a hassle-free purchasing experience

When unforeseen obstacle situations arise, we will communicate and coordinate with you to proactively resolve any ambiguities or discrepancies to ensure that your purchasing process is smooth and enjoyable.

3. Ensure product delivery:

Strict control of product quality, test machine inspection out of the warehouse, and the establishment of a sound logistics system and other measures to ensure that the products are delivered to customers on time, in quality, and quantity.


 In-Sales Service

After-sales service:

1.If the customer needs it, we can arrange for the installation master to go to the local area for paid installation.

2.Provide on-site training to control the normal operation of the machine and guide customers to standardize its operation and use;

3.Provide machine maintenance manuals to remind customers to perform machine maintenance.

4.During the warranty period, if the malfunction is caused by the quality of the machine, we will be responsible for the replacement of warranty parts.

5.Remotely assist customers online to deal with machine failures outside the warranty period and keep track of customer production activities

6.Provide customers with 24-hour technical consulting services to help customers solve problems encountered during use.

7.Establish a dedicated after-sales team to accept and handle customer complaints about product quality and service quality

After-sales service

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