Stone Block Cutting Machine DF-2500/2800/3200

As an industry-leading manufacturer of Granite block cutting machine, DAFON takes pride in its ability to offer top-of-the-line equipment through meticulous design, manufacturing, and trading.
Price: Negotiable
Brand Name: DAFON
Certification: CE, ISO
Model Number: DF-2500/2800/3000
Power: 45/55/75KW
Weight: 12T
Application: Art & Craft, Stone Industry
Place of Origin: CHINA.
Trading Method: FOB/CIF/EXW Xiamen Port
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 SET
Delivery Time:90 Days
Packaging logistics: In wooded cases with fumigation finish or wrapped with plastic film.

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Stone Block cutting machine Features:

The block cutter machine is mainly for granite and marble, it adopts multi-disc and PLC programmable control and man-machine interface, combined with a super-precision rotary encoder for slicing, uses frequency converter to control left-right feeding and adjusts the speed according to the stone material.stone block cutter adopts a hydraulic lifting system and forward-backward slicing adopts high-precision screw nut driving, automatic slicing, main spare parts adopt imported good-quality materials. The block can be placed on the ground directly, saving the cost of trolley and maintenance. It is especially suitable for cutting high-value granite and marble block because of high-efficiency cutting rate, high precision slicing, flatness, stability and easy operation.



Tower hanging method

The tower hanging method is the most commonly used hanging method for stone block cutting machines. It combines saw blades according to size and shape and installs them on the granite block cutting machine saw blade.
The advantages of the tower hanging method are:
Low-cutting resistance and high-cutting efficiency
The replacement and maintenance of saw blades are relatively convenient.
The disadvantage is that the number of saw blades is limited and cannot meet the needs of mass production.
Combined hanging method
The combined hanging method is to combine saw blades of the same size and shape into one group, multiple groups together, and each group of saw blades is installed on the gantry tool holder.
The advantages of the combined hanging method are
The number of saw blades can be adjusted as needed, suitable for mass production needs.
The saw blade has a good cutting effect, low cost, small cutting error, and neat cutting effect.
The disadvantage is that the replacement and maintenance of the saw blade is more troublesome.


Production process:
1.Customer need to prepare two sides foundation first with drawing provided by us
2.Install machine and blades 
3.Machine cut
4.take down the slab from block one by one, we can make a mould to support the slab, machine can cut directly to the end and slab will not fall apart
5.Trolley is optional according to customers’ requirement




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Located in Quanzhou, Dafon Machinery spans a state-of-the-art facility covering 10,000 square meters, cementing our stature as a leading manufacturer specializing in machinery for natural stone production lines. we are not onlya machinery manufacturer, but also aone-stop solution providerandOEM-accepted

At Dafon Machinery, our team comprises 5 adept engineers and 10 dedicated Global Account Managers. This potent blend of technical proficiency and customer-centricity enables us to offer comprehensive turnkey project solutions, serving clients across the globe with a start-to-end service that's unparalleled.

We resonate deeply with clients who regard stone production as not merely a business, but a lifelong passion and commitment. Innovation and research & development lie at the heart of our ethos. Our passion is to blend these elements seamlessly, thus producing the most reliable stone machinery crafted in China.

Our Mission:

To refine the high technology of our stone processing machinery for the investment of the world's customers.

Our Vision:

To become a globally prestigious supplier of stone processing machinery.

Our Goal:

To offer exceptional long-term returns on investment to our clients.

By choosing Dafon Machinery, you're not just selecting a provider–you're partnering with a brand synonymous with excellence, reliability, and innovation in the world of stone machinery.



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Stone Block Cutting Machine DF-2500/2800/3200Related Main Parts
Six big strong pilllars
Six big strong pilllars
Covered by fabric for preventing pollution.
Circle Blade
Circle Blade
Up to 18 pieces of blade can be hanged for efficient production of thin slabs. Blade: two ways of blade combination 1.Big-medium-small combination 2.Big-small combination
Electric control box
Electric control box
Buttons : Siemens
Linear Guide
Linear Guide
Famous products,top quality use on crossbeam and carling for good performance.
Stone Block Cutting Machine DF-2500/2800/3200Manufacturer Advantage
24 hours Remote Services System

1. 24 hours Remote Services System

Our company offers a one-to-one remote service. Ensuring a timely contact with our customers.

2. Advanced Equipment and complete industrial chain

Our local area has most complete and advanced Stone Block Cutting Machine DF-2500/2800/3200 to make sure accurate processing on stone.
Advanced Equipment and complete industrial chain
Stone Block Cutting Machine DF-2500/2800/3200 Related Services
Win-Win Benefit
Advanced Equipment
Professional R&D team
High Quality & Good Service
Your Professional Stone Block Cutting Machine DF-2500/2800/3200 Supplier in China.
We have strong power to support our production, from factory environment construction to equipment configuration, all leading to high quality products.
Rich experience in rock quarry and stone factory

Rich experience in rock quarry and stone factory

We have rich experience in stone mining and processing, free of charge to provide customers with granite or marble mining and processing solutions, including Stone Block Cutting Machine DF-2500/2800/3200 and quarry consumables spare parts.
Professional packaging for sea shipping and airfreight

Professional packaging for sea shipping and airfreight

We use wire rope to consolidate Stone Block Cutting Machine DF-2500/2800/3200 inside container, for diamond tools like saw blade or small cutters or splitters, we use wooden box or cased with fumigation certificate suitable for export standard and delivery.
Provide customized services

Provide customized services

Customized planning of production lines, production of ancillary machines, drawings, installation and production design solutions
Factory planning

Factory planning

Our experienced pre-sale team can provide full solution for stone factory and workshop planning, including Stone Block Cutting Machine DF-2500/2800/3200 suggestion and necessary machine parts and diamond accessories.
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