Introduction to the dafon granite block cutting machine

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The stone block cutting machine is mainly used for sawing marble and granite slabs into slabs and blocks of a certain width, with a wide range of applications and low investment compared to other slabs.

 stone block cutting machine

Classification of the stone block cutting machine

granite block cutting machine according to the size of its saw blade can be divided into two kinds of sawing machine and large sawing machine, diamond saw blade diameter of less than 1600mm for the medium sawing machine, diamond saw blade diameter greater than 1 600 mm for large sawing machine. The saws are also divided into single and multi-blade according to the number of blades. In addition, the stone block cutting machine can also be divided into double and four columns according to the frame structure. Saws are divided into gantry and bridge saws according to their construction.

 granite block cutting machine

Advantages of the stone block cutting machine

The granite stone cutting machine is specially designed for cutting granite and marble slabs and is the main processing equipment for granite and marble production lines.The stone block cutter has a reasonable precision and structure, with a purely mechanical drive, easy to install and maintain, flexible machine operation, smooth and reliable transmission, high degree of automation and high processing technology. The cutting process is controlled by the program and does not require manual supervision after setting in sequence, until the processing is finished and the machine stops automatically.

granite stone cutting machine

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