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The 22nd China Shuitou Stone Exhibition

Author:Dafon Kerbstone Machine FROM:Stone Machine Manufacturer TIME:2022-12-26

Shuitou as China's stone township, relying on its own unique regional advantages, grasp the stone prosperity pillar, the convergence of the market and industry, has formed the largest stone logistics centre and stone import and export base, one of the world's largest stone trade base.

stone fair

The 22nd Shuitou Stone Fair continues the theme of "creativity - wisdom - integration", highlighting the four core values of "source exhibition, consumer transformation, design leading, cross-border breaking circle", and strive to show a full range of stone industry chain of new products, new technologies, new designs.

stone fair

The exhibition not only from the major brand enterprises at home and abroad exhibitors, but also invited a number of domestic design experts, authoritative experts in the industry to visit the "high-end event, international platform" as the positioning, to create a high-profile, deep stone industry event.

stone fair

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