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Water jet cutter machine

Author:Dafon Kerbstone Machine FROM:Stone Machine Manufacturer TIME:2023-02-09

The role of waterjet parquet

The waterjet parquet allows the softness and smoothness of the curves of the stone to be perfectly displayed. It is used in the design of floor decoration, with its unique textures and colours, distinctive lines and elegant and varied shapes. Different colours represent different moods, showing elegant taste and showing the owner's extraordinary taste and artistic cultivation.

water jet cutter

The effect of waterjet parquet

The interior of the stone boutique gives the first visual experience of grandeur, with the overall European classical tone and the marble backdrop paving, creating a colourful beauty of space details, with a luxurious soft furnishing style to meet the customer's pursuit of quality of life.

water jet machine

Water jet cutter machine

Water jet cutter machine is one of the most important part in the development of waterjet machine. Water jet machine is one of the most fast cutting and stable cutting one among all the various water jet machines at the moment. Easy maintenance and stable performance make it an necessity in today’s cutting industry. It is mainly used to cut stone, ceramics, glass, metal and etc.

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