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Author:Dafon Kerbstone Machine FROM:Stone Machine Manufacturer TIME:2022-11-30

  In the early days, the kerb stones were not demanding, the size requirements were not strict, and the processing technology was simple cutting and forming. And nowadays, the production of kerb stone is more and more pursuing characteristics, and the processing technology is more and more complicated. Not only cutting and forming, strict dimensional error requirements, now the surface treatment process also towards diversified ways. Some require two-sided polished, some require six-sided sandblasting, some require four-sided fire, some require chamfering large angle treatment, more and more processing technology in the test of the stone business production capacity.

  Then in order to meet the production needs, stone enterprises naturally have to choose advanced equipment  kerbstone cutting machine for processing production. The following is an introduction to the kerb stone two-sided grinding process line equipment, and production process.

kerbstone cutting machine

1.Block cut into semi-finished products

  The first choice of stone block cutting machine for the cutting of the barren material, cut into roadside stone semi-finished products.The machine adopts PLC programmable control and man-machine operation interface, supplemented by ultra-bright precision rotary encoder for slice, left and right knife using frequency converter control, according to the stone material for speed regulation, up and down lift using hydraulic lift, combined with chrome-plated guide pillar plus wear-resistant guide bush, with small clearance, wear-resistant and beautiful, and in the guide bush design multi-layer seal, waterproof, dustproof and oil leakage, improve service life, front and rear slice using high-precision The key parts are imported high quality spare parts, and the barren material can be placed directly on the ground, saving the cost of cart and its maintenance; thus it has the advantages of high cutting efficiency, high precision of slice, good flatness of the cut plate, high stability, easy operation, etc. It is especially suitable for the cutting of high value granite and marble barren material.

best stone cutting machine

2.Adopting kerbstone cutting machine equipment for cutting

  The best stone cutting machine adopts through-axis multi-knife combination cutting, no need to divide the sheet action, to achieve a knife cutting, mechanical action is simple and easy to operate, through the kerbstone cutting machine with its own roller to achieve assembly line work. The left and right knives are controlled by frequency converter, and the speed can be adjusted according to the stone material, and the up and down lift is hydraulic. The whole machine adopts one piece design, no need for cement foundation, just put it directly on the cement flat bottom and fix it. The slicing machine adopts the principle of submerged fast walking to improve the standard degree of stone cutting, which can meet the requirements of export standards. The fixed length machine adopts gantry integrated structure, which is conducive to cutting stability and improving cutting output, and because it adopts single knife fixed length, it is suitable for any size fixed length on the market and will not waste material.The kerb stone cutting machine only needs one worker to operate, which can save a lot of labor cost and reduce the utilization rate of line crane.

kerb stone cutting machine

3.The stones are polished and chamfered with chamfering machine

  The chamfering machine replaces the previous roadside stone mainly relying on manual chamfering and polishing, completely solving the situation of high labor intensity, low efficiency and high cost of production. The whole assembly line is seamlessly connected, and the linkage between the equipment is realized through the intermediate transition frame and the flap device.The kerb stone cutting machine chamfering position adopts the popular down chamfering, with high chamfering accuracy, and can also chamfer rounded corners, and the increased grinding at the end realizes the problem of rounded corner grinding.

kerbstone cutting machine line

4. Summary features

  After cutting by stone block cutting machine, one worker uploads the material to the curbstone slicing machine through the line crane, another worker lifts the cut curbstone on the curbstone single knife length setting machine to the top of the curbstone grinding machine for grinding and chamfering through the line crane, and the third worker unloads and packs the material through the small crane behind the chamfering grinding machine.Kerbstone cutting machine The whole process only needs 3 workers to operate, which greatly saves labor cost. The whole productive continuity is through and stable.


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