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Introduction of Stone Profiling Machine

Stone Profiling Machine adopts infrared, light-sensitive tracking and positioning cutting, mainly processing shaped stone lines, stone arc panels and plates. Stone Profiling Machine has stable performance, high precision, flexible and convenient operation, and new shape. stone surface profiling adopts computer automatic control of imitation and photoelectric probe, frequency conversion technology and other high-tech principles. Before processing put on the three plywood line sample, photoelectric probe according to the edge of the sample plate automatically scan, can be arbitrarily processed in all grades of shaped lines. Tap the electrical button, the blade according to the photoelectric probe with the sample board longitudinal automatic left and right movement, cutting lines forming, the machine double saw blade frequency conversion, variable speed cutting, choose the diameter of 600mm saw blade can cut a variety of granite marble plate, block of thick material.

Stone Profiling Machine

The Working Principle of Stone Profiling Machine

Granite profiling machine is the special equipment for processing flat curve, flower line, vase, round arc plate, round ball and other shaped stone. The up and down, left and right movement of the main axis and the longitudinal movement of the material carriage are all controlled by the computer and carried out automatically, and can be programmed into the computer according to the drawing requirements when processing, and then the machine will work automatically. The equipment adopts the gantry structure, the two columns and the upper beam form the gantry frame structure movement beam through the two columns in the screw and column connection. The upper part of the fixed beam is equipped with a he service motor, which drives the rotation of the screw through the drive shaft and steering reducer, thus driving the motion beam to do vertical movement. At the same time, the transverse sliding plate of the cutting saw blade is driven by the motor through the transverse screw, and moves transversely along the guide rail of the motion beam, and the table is driven by the motor to make longitudinal movement along the oil-immersed guide rail. The diamond saw blade is directly driven by the motor for rotary cutting.

granite profiling machine

The Feature of Stone Surface Profiling Machine

Stone surface profiling machine is a high degree of automation and mechanization, rapid positioning, fast forming, cutting precision, high efficiency, is the ideal equipment for the stone processing industry on the grade and level.

stone surface profiling machine

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