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Customize Kerbstone Cutting Machine Line

DAFON is a manufacturer of Granite kerb stone cutting machine with design, manufacture, and trading as one.
Price: Negotiable
Brand Name: DAFON
Model Number: DFLSX1200-13S
Power: 55KW&22KW
Application: kerbstone, roadside stone, cobblestone and tombstone
Weight: 10T
Place of Origin: CHINA.
Trading Method: FOB/CIF/EXW Xiamen Port
Certification: CE, ISO
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 SET
Delivery Time:90 Days
Packaging logistics: In wooded cases with fumigation finish or wrapped with plastic film.

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Introduction of Kerbstone Cutting Machine

Granite kerb stone cutting machine is mainly for cutting slab width about45cm, the machine cut with10-14pcs of blade at the same time which will dramatically increase cutting speed and overal output, daily capacity can reach 30-35m³/20h.The machine is widely used for kerbstone, roadside stone, cobblestone and tombstone etc.

 kerb stone cutting machine

Component of Kerbstone Cutting Machine Line

1.Machine Parts:

The kerbstone cutting machine line includes one slicing machine(DF1200-12S) and one edge cutting machine(DF1200-1S), The worker loads a thick slab onto the slicing machine with a crane, and after the slicing machine finishes cutting, the roller on the worktable hydraulically lift up and transfer the stone to the next edge cutting machine.

The edge cutting machine has hydraulic pushers to push all the stones with blade gaps tight and together to ensure a precise cutting. After that, the cutting process is finished and ready for packaging. 

2.Electrical Part:

The machine uses a Mitsubishi PLC control system, SIEMENS water proof button, Omron relays, etc, the machine is equipped with a remote control, so the worker can both use the controlling cabin or remote control during operation.

kerbstone cutting machine

Special Features:

1. no cement foundation needed, easy installation and shipment(40'HQ).

2. the main shaft adopts high-frequency modulation treatment, which will be more durable and wear-resistant.    

3. kerbstone cutting machine uses a main spindle and a vice spindle to seal all saw blades together which can ensure the machine is stable while cutting hard granite.

4. it uses a simple program of movement on the controlling box, easy to set, operate, and maintain.

5. kerbstone cutting machine adopts two hydraulic pillars(a set of hydraulic systems) on both sides of the machine to ensure the strength of cutting spindle lifting up and down.

6. Unlike traditional stone cutting, it dramatically increases productivity and reduces labor cost and power consumption and it consumes less diamond segment per cubic meter of production compared to the traditional cutting machine.

7. Cast iron is adopted in the main frame of the machine to make the machine more stable with less chance of vibration under the operating conditions.

8. The regular worktable length of the shaft is 1.6m(1.8m optional)

curbstone cutter

 kerbstone cutting machine

What's the benefit of using kerbstone cutting machine?

1. Segments saving: the machine uses a multi-blade cut at the same time, every down cut is about 3-5mm(depending on stone and segment), which saves segment consumption.

2. Labor saving: the entire machine line only needs one worker to attend to it, the machine adopts rollers to transfer stone and sensors for automatic stop and operation.

3. Workshop space-saving: compared to other cutting methods, the machine needs only 12*5m space when producing the same capacity.

4. high-standard products: mechanized setting, the product is cut according to the customized cutting plan, and the size of the cut finished product is the same. Compared with manual or semi-automatic cutting, the error is small

5. Lower Investment: a roadside stone assembly line: including an edge cutting machine a stone slicing machine, a loader, and an unloader machine, The same cutting efficiency requires multiple stone cutting machines,  so under comparison, the total equipment investment is small.

6.More Safety: The assembly line form solves the problems of loading and unloading materials and finished product transportation, and further reduces the risks of stone falling and being injured during manual transportation.

kerbstone cutting machine

Technical Date 

Complete Machine Line (1 Edge Cutting Machine + 1 Slicing Machine)

Slicing Machine DF1200-12S

Edge Cutting Machine DF1200-1S





Diameter of blade


Diameter of blade


Number of blades


Number of blades


Max.cutting size


Worktable size


Worktable size


Working length max




Max.vertical stroke


Max.cutting depth




Main motor power


Max.cutting depth


Max.vertical stroke


Main motor power


It produces about 30-35m³ of stone every day (24h) and covers a total space of 12m*5m.

The stone edge chamfering machine can be combined with an above-cutting machine as a whole line for kerbstone cutting machine cutting, only 4 workers are needed from loading to packaging of the finished products.

kerb stone cutter

kerbstone cutter



DAFON Company


1.What is the output of using a kerbstone cutting machine?

The output is related to the hardness of the stone and the sharpness of the cutter head. There will be a floating value, but a normal day is about 30 cubic meters.


2.What is the area occupied by the kerbstone cutting machine?

One set is about 80 square meters


3.can you accept customized service according to our actual needs?

of course, we have the ability to provide customized service, We have a dedicated R&D technical team and rich customization experience


4.How thick can a kerbstone cutting machine cut?

our kerbstone cutting machine cuts stone slab width above 50mm

5.How much does a kerbstone cutting machine cost?

Depending on your needs,  need a complete line, or just need a slicing machine or an edge-cutting machine, whether you need to pair it with a stone edge chamfering machine, curb cutters can cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. contact us to get quote

6.How do I know if I need a curb cutter?

There are some factors that affect whether you need it

Stone thickness: stone with a thickness between 10 and 45 cm

Work efficiency:  whether work efficiency needs to be improved, whether the project is urgent, whether working hours need to be shortened

Cutting accuracy: whether the cutting error is large and the degree of product standardization is low

Labor costs:  to reduce labor wages to reduce overall costs

Site area limitation: No matter whether the processing site area is small or not, multiple machines and equipment cannot be enlarged.


7.Can a kerbstone cutting machine cut other types of stone?

Yes, many kerbstone cutting machines can be used to cut other types of stone, such as granite, marble, limestone and cement.

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Customize Kerbstone Cutting Machine Line Main Parts

Professional R&D team
Win-Win Benefit
Advanced Equipment
High Quality & Good Service
Your Professional Customize Kerbstone Cutting Machine Line Supplier in China.
we from factory environment construction to equipment configuration support our production, all leading to high quality products.
Prevent saw blade jumping

Prevent saw blade jumping

Adopt high quality electrical original parts to control the hydraulic work of the whole machine
Supplementary pressure cylinder

Supplementary pressure cylinder

Prevent saw blade jumping


Welding, secondary processing, to ensure the parallelism and precision of the two tracks.


Use encoder counting to improve cutting accuracy
Customize Kerbstone Cutting Machine Line
Related Quality Control
Professional packaging
Professional packaging
All our machine and spare parts will be well protected and wrapped with placstic films and well consodidated with steel wires to prevent moving during transportation.
Regular technical training
Regular technical training
Strengthen the training, improve the professional level and work quality of employees.
Export standard
Export standard
We apply international brands on Customize Kerbstone Cutting Machine Line and all woods on the machine or wooden carton will be fumigated before shipping.
Quality assurances
Quality assurances
All Customize Kerbstone Cutting Machine Line purchased components are tested by our staff at QC department so that each and single part are of the exact quality and dimension as designed.
Customize Kerbstone Cutting Machine Line
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Where is your factory?
A: Our factory locates in Nan’an City where hometown of stone machine, it is 1.5 hours fly trip from Shanghai, 40 minutes form Xiamen.
What is your stone machines advantage?
Firstly we are manufacturer, you could get best price without paying any commission. Secondly, we provide advisory machinery, debugging, maintenance and fault handling package of services. Thirdly, we offer customized overall solutions and one stop servi
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