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Kerb stone cutting machine 55KW

DAFON's expertise in design and manufacture enables them to provide exceptional Kerb stone cutting machine.
Price: Negotiable
Brand Name: DAFON
Model Number: DFLSX1200-13S
Power: 55KW&22KW
Application: kerb stone cutting
Weight: 20T
Place of Origin: CHINA.
Trading Method: FOB/CIF/EXW Xiamen Port
Certification: CE, ISO
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 SET
Delivery Time:90 Days
Packaging logistics: In wooded cases with fumigation finish or wrapped with plastic film.

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一.Introduction Kerbstone Cutting Machine Line 

Full-automatic road stone cutting line is a kind of high efficiency, energy saving, intelligent production equipment, according to the demand for automatic adjustment of the cutting width, size and angle and other parameters, through the calculation, programming and sensors and other technologies to achieve automatic identification, to achieve accurate cutting and processing, improve product quality and process level, an assembly line only needs a worker, to complete the cutting of the road stone, the length of the road stone chamfering to the road stone process, greatly improve the production capacity and quality of production, reduce the cost of production, and increase the profit of the enterprise.

二.Kerb stone cutting machine advantages:

1. No foundation needed, easy installation, easy for shipping.
2. It adopts an enlarged trolley, 2 pcs of block can be cut at one time, which can greatly improve output and efficiency.
3. It uses the main spindle and a vice spindle to seal together which can ensure the machine is stable while cutting hard granite.
4. It uses a simple program of movement on the controlling box, easy for setting and handle.
5. A hydraulic system is adopted on the machine

三.Kerb stone cutting machine installation process:

1. Put the machine on the prepared ground.
2. Put several pieces of wood as thick as 50mm on the worktable to prevent blades cutting into the worktable.
3. Install water pipe.
4. Blade installation: Open blade cover, unscrew 8 retaining bolts and position bolts with the dedicated spanner, loosen auxiliary spindle (shaft), put on blades and clamping plates as per intended stone size (thickness), align oil hole of the auxiliary spindle to air hole according to the arrow direction on auxiliary spindle and box, have them fixed with bolts, close blade cover.
5. Check transmission fluids of the spindle box, auxiliary spindle box, trolley track, and lifting parts.
6. Connect control cabinet power.

四.Technical parameters

Complete Machine Line (1 Edge Cutting Machine + 1 Slicing Machine)

Slicing Machine DF1200-12S


Edge Cutting Machine DF1200-1S






Diameter of blade



Diameter of blade


Number of blades



Number of blades


Max.cutting size



Worktable size


Worktable size



Working length max





Max.vertical stroke


Max.cutting depth





Main motor power



Max.cutting depth


Max.vertical stroke



Main motor power


It produces about 30-35m³ of stone every day (24h) and covers a total space of 12m*5m.

五. Application Case



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Kerb stone cutting machine 55KW Main Parts

Professional R&D team
Win-Win Benefit
Advanced Equipment
High Quality & Good Service
Your Professional Kerb stone cutting machine 55KW Supplier in China.
we from factory environment construction to equipment configuration support our production, all leading to high quality products.


Welding, secondary processing, to ensure the parallelism and precision of the two tracks.


Use encoder counting to improve cutting accuracy
Prevent saw blade jumping

Prevent saw blade jumping

Adopt high quality electrical original parts to control the hydraulic work of the whole machine
Supplementary pressure cylinder

Supplementary pressure cylinder

Prevent saw blade jumping
Kerb stone cutting machine 55KW
Related Quality Control
International standard equipments
International standard equipments
All our stone machine and equipment are comply with internation standard, customers can easily find spare parts and electronic parts locally.
Material quality control
Material quality control
Our QC staff inspect every raw material to meet our standard for processing, make sure all details and spare parts are well qualified to make Kerb stone cutting machine 55KW.
Strict QC process
Strict QC process
We have QC staff to examine all machine including spare parts before shipping or loading containers
Export standard
Export standard
We apply international brands on Kerb stone cutting machine 55KW and all woods on the machine or wooden carton will be fumigated before shipping.
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Related FAQ
If we need technical support, can you offer us?
A: Sure, we have a pre-sale and after-sale service team to offer technical support. Well, trained salespersons and engineers are always ready to respond to your technical doubts.
How long is the warranty period for stone machine?
A: one year!
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