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Marble Granite Splitting Machine

DAFON is a leading manufacturer of Marble Granite Splitting Machine, constantly innovating to meet the ever-changing needs of the market while providing exceptional design, manufacturing, and trading services.
Price: Negotiable
Brand Name: DAFON
Certification: CE, ISO
Model Number: DF-85
Power: 4kw
Weight: 950kg
Application: Machinery & Hardware, Construction, Stone
Trading Method: FOB/CIF/EXW Xiamen Port
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 SET
Delivery Time:90 Days
Place of Origin: CHINA.
Packaging logistics: In wooded cases with fumigation finish or wrapped with plastic film.

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The feature of stone splitting machine

The main feature of a stone splitting machine is its ability to split natural stone into desired shapes and sizes without causing any damage to the material. This machine uses hydraulic pressure to apply force on the stone, causing it to split along natural fissures or lines. The machine can be operated manually or automatically, and it can handle different types of stones such as granite, marble, limestone, sandstone, and more. The machine has a strong and durable structure, and it allows for precise cutting and splitting, which makes it ideal for the production of stone tiles, slabs, paving stones, wall cladding, and other architectural applications. Additionally, stone splitting machines are highly efficient and can save time, labor costs, and reduce waste.

Technical parameters



Overall Dimension

620x620x2050 mm


4 kw


950 kg


380 V

Blade Feeding Speed

3 cm/s

Max.working height

300 mm

Max.working width

600 mm

Packing Size

720x720x2150 mm


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Why Choose Dafon Machinery Manufacturer In China Dafon Is Professional Manufacturer Of Marble Granite Splitting Machine,
One Stop Solution For Your Stone!
Since 1996
Countries Users
Machine Patents
Global Clients
Square Meters
Advanced Equipment and complete industrial chain
Our local area has most complete and advanced Marble Granite Splitting Machine to make sure accurate processing on stone.
Installation experience
We have a wealth of experience in installing Marble Granite Splitting Machine .
Global trade
Our products are exported to India, Vietnam, South Africa, Middle East, Europe, Russia and other countries.
Strict quality control
Our factory has a complete set of QC systemfor stone equipment which was audited by SGS towards Marble Granite Splitting Machine before assembly and after machine is finished.

Marble Granite Splitting Machine Main Parts

Professional R&D team
Win-Win Benefit
Advanced Equipment
High Quality & Good Service
Your Professional Marble Granite Splitting Machine Supplier in China.
we from factory environment construction to equipment configuration support our production, all leading to high quality products.


The Segment is used in the stone splitting machine, make the machine cut stone moreaccurate, faster
hydraulic motor

hydraulic motor

The hydraulic motor is often used in industrial machinery, construction equipment, and other applications where high torque at low speeds is required. Hydraulic motors are efficient, reliable, and durable, making them ideal for use in demanding environments.
abrasive tools

abrasive tools

Abrasive tools are tools that use abrasive materials to cut. various abrasive tools can make the stone cut variety of shapes
diamond segment

diamond segment

The segments has good sharpness and high efficiency at the process of stone cutting.Good cutting result: smooth cutting, flat surface and even size,Good sharpness cutting in high speed without chipping, less noise in work

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Stone machine and diamond tools purchase

1. Stone machine and diamond tools purchase

Stone machine is closely related to tools and we sell machines as well as giving advice to customers on how to buy diamond tools.

2. Training on the use of machines

we can provide customers with technical support, training and after-sales service.
Training on the use of machines
Provide customized services

3. Provide customized services

Customized planning of production lines, production of ancillary machines, drawings, installation and production design solutions
Related FAQ
1.What’s your advantage? Why we choose you?
A: 1)Rich experience of stone machine production and RD. We have the most professional techniques and team. More advantage in price 2) Great production capacity Sustainable Supply. According to customer requirements, We support the customized incl
2.When can you ship my order?
A: Normally 15-20days after advanced payment is received. The exact delivery date will be advised after order is confirmed. We will try our best to deliver soonest, if you need them urgently.
3.How do I install and operate the stone cutting machine, after receiving it?
For simple machine, we will provide sufficient installation, operation and maintenance instruction and videos, which will make the whole thing as simple as possible for users. For high-tech machine, our engineers can fly abroad to help you install debug
4.Do you have agent?
A: We don't have agent as we all sell directly to our customer, in this way, the customer can get lowest cost.
5.How long is the warranty period for stone machine?
A: one year!
6.What is your competitiveness?
A: We are the biggest stone processing machines manufacturer in China. Our machine has good price with best quality. Each machine has its own relevant patent, long lifetime, high production capacity and accuracy. Also, we could appoint our eng
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