granite quarry mining machinery

With a focus on producing the finest granite mining machinery, DAFON has established itself as a renowned manufacturer that prioritizes design, production, and customer satisfaction.
Price: Negotiable
Brand Name: DAFON
Model Number: DF-1360/1900
Power: 97.7/117.7kw
Weight: 8000kg
Application: Machinery & Hardware, Construction, Stone
Trading Method: FOB/CIF/EXW Xiamen Port
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 SET
Certification: CE, ISO
Delivery Time:90 Days
Place of Origin: CHINA.
Packaging logistics: In wooded cases with fumigation finish or wrapped with plastic film.

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In the traditional rock quarry mining which using dynamic blasting, the rate of finish product is only about 30-35%. DAFON is a quarry equipment manufacturers for the year has rich mining experience in granite/marble/limestone etc.

The new mining method is to apply a double blade stone quarry mining machine to cut the quarry rock directly, the finish product rate can be up to 90%, it improves the utilization of natural resources. Meanwhile double blades quarry mining machine is environmentally friendly equipment which avoids slag dust and smoke pollution during the opening process.

The quality of quarry is improved due to lack of shock and blasting, it is safer for a worker in open pit quarry mining.

This surface mining equipment adopts hydraulic pressure elevating, vibration running, simple circuit, and easy maintenance, which bring high efficiency and economic benefits to customers.

Technical Data :

Product name



Diameter of driving wheel



Cutting width



Max cutting depth



Main motor power



Water consumption 



Toyal power 



Dimension of external form



Toyal weight



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granite quarry mining machineryMain Parts
Saw Blade Saw Disc

1. Saw Blade Saw Disc

A saw blade is a circular metal disc with teeth around the edge that is used to cut stone,like marble/granite. The teeth vary in size and shape depending on the purpose and material being cut.

2. Light Steel Rail

It's easy to link and set on the quarry. This rail is not heavy, but durable and reliable enough for the stone mining machine walking and working.Light Steel Rail Steel Train Track is mainly used in railways and underground mine.
Light Steel Rail
oil pump

3. oil pump

The oil pump plays a crucial role in the lubrication system of an internal combustion engine. Its main function is to circulate oil throughout the engine to lubricate moving parts, reduce friction and prevent wear and tear.

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Professional R&D team Professional R&D team
Win-Win Benefit Win-Win Benefit
Advanced Equipment Advanced Equipment
High Quality High Quality & Good Service
Your Professional granite quarry mining machinery Supplier in China.
We have strong power to support our production, from factory environment construction to equipment configuration, all leading to high quality products.
Fully sealed design, prolonged life

Fully sealed design, prolonged life

Fully sealed design, prolonged life Cylindrical guide rail adopts a fully sealed design to ensure no pollution. reduces the number of maintenance times and costs.
Efficient utilization of resources

Efficient utilization of resources

Efficient utilization of resources The use of super-large saw blades can process super-large stone blocks, improve the utilization rate of mining stone, and make full use of mineral resources.
granite quarry mining machinery
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