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The role of stone edge grinding

Stone edging is a stone processing method that is mostly used on the edges and corners of slabs and curb stones. Use a machine to polish the outward-facing edges and corners flat, or polish them into an artistic shape, which not only protects the stone from being easily knocked, but also protects the user from being bruised, and has an ornamental effect. Depending on the application of stone edging in different places and different styles, the effects obtained are diverse. The effects are listed below from simple to complex.
stone edge grinding machine

Introducing three commonly used edging effects

1. Chamfered edge: The chamfered edge is a classic work that simplifies the production process. It is polished vertically towards the center line of the 90-degree angle. After polishing, a 90-degree right angle becomes two 135-degree obtuse angles. The connecting line between the two corners creates a new surface. If the width of this surface is used on a board, the size should be 1/4 to 1/6 of the thickness of the board. If applied to curb stones or larger stones, the proportion can be even smaller.

2. Round edge: Round edge is a processing design that uses an arc to transition the two surfaces connected to the stone plate. It is also relatively common in processing. Round edges are usually divided into 1/4 circle and 1/2 circle. The 1/4 circle is just a right angle on one side of the plate. The 1/2 round edge (also called a semi-circular edge) requires processing the upper and lower right angles of the plate edge at the same time. The processed plate section looks like a semicircle.

3. Special-shaped edges: There are many kinds of special-shaped edges, and the processing methods are also different. In addition to simple straight lines of various shapes, there are also horizontal re-shaping, which can be made into wavy lines, curtain lines, etc... Sometimes in order to polish a special-shaped edge The edge even requires the use of a lot of equipment.
stone edge grinding machine

Application scope of stone edge grinding

Edging is mostly used on the panels of step boards, the top stones of flowerbeds and pools, window sills, thresholds and other places that are often easily accessible to people and have prominent positions. It is also used on stone benches, shaped special-shaped stone products, and in complex processing. On top of the products, stone edge grinding is generally included in the ranks of processing, and will not be pointed out deliberately. As long as you pay a little attention to the processing of stone edging in life, you can see it everywhere. It silently protects the users and decorates the scenery here.
stone edge grinding machine

Stone edge grinding machines have ushered in the era of CNC intelligence. The stone edge grinding machine not only makes the operation of the whole machine more convenient and intelligent, but also is more suitable for ergonomics, making the equipment more convenient to operate.

Technical parameters

Feed Output Speed


The Minimum Processing Size of Stone

10-80 mm x 80mm

Total Power


Body Weight


Boundary Dimensions

8200mm x 1400mm x 2000mm

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Conveyor Belt

Conveyor Belt

Thickness of processing:10-80mm The minimum processing size of slab : 10-80mm*80mm

Quality Electric control box

Quality Electric control box

Quality electrics used to ensure stable performance.

Side Curve Modeling Processing

Side Curve Modeling Processing

Side chamfering, Grinding of various flat stone edges to suit the size and thickness of the stone.

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Grinding is a stone processing technology that grinds one or several edges of the stone into a geometric shape. Stone processing common grinding edge: chess edge, French chess edge, French edge, large round edge, 1/4 round edge, double knuckle edge, begonias edge, concave round edge (crescent e
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