Dafon automatic granite stone polishing machine

Author:Dafon Kerbstone Machine FROM:Stone Machine Manufacturer TIME:2022-12-14


1. The brand new six spring polishing head rather than the original polishing head. There are 6 spring bring 6 stress point, which make the polishing process more stable; and instead of one-term pressing, we enable the principal axis descend in 3 times, relieve the pressure when granite stone polishing machine descending, so that it can better avoid impact and protect the slab.

2.And the adopt of the special and unique infrared slab sensor can recognize the flatness and shape of the slab to better polishing later.

3.The device uses light and low-power-consumption resin polishing disc. With single polishing head consuming 7.5KW power, its power consumption is two quarters less than traditional continuous polisher.

4.Controlling system adopts PLC terminal control for convenience of setting parameters through LCD touch screen.

5.The elevation of polishing head and grinding and polishing pressure, demand of which is adjustable within set value, are pneumatically controlled. The machine is equipped with variable frequency adjustable speed system to adjust speed of lateral grinding and polishing of polishing head and speed of transmitting slab and to adjust them flexibly within set value.


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