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Introduction of Quartz CNC machine

StoneQuartz CNC machine is a high precision CNC machine tool, widely used in the field of stone cutting processing. The machine has a number of independent cutting head, can be cut many times at the same time, quickly complete a large number of cutting tasks. In today's fierce market competition, the use of stoneQuartz CNC machine for stone processing has become a more and more popular choice, it can help enterprises to improve production efficiency, reduce costs, but also can improve the quality and accuracy of products.


The working principle of stoneQuartz CNC machine is through the computer control of the steel wire or drill on the guide rail, the stone for accurate cutting, Mosaic processing, processing speed, very high precision. Its processing principle is more efficient than the ordinary mechanical cutting machine, not only can save the tedious cutting process, but also can reduce the dependence on manual, reduce the influence of human factors, reduce the intensity of work and labor intensity of the operator, improve the efficiency of the operation.

Quartz CNC machine

Characteristic ofQuartz CNC machine

StoneQuartz CNC machine processing range is relatively wide, can cut marble, granite, volcanic rock and other stone.CNC machine marble cutting can complete a variety of different patterns of cutting, such as European wide edge, parquet, various lines, circular arc and so on. At the same time, it can flexibly adjust the processing parameters, according to the hardness, size, shape and other factors of different materials to accurately cut, greatly improve the material utilization rate, to ensure the accuracy and quality of stone processing. Fixture organization and auxiliary starting intervention can realize the continuous automatic processing of multiple pieces of stone, so as to improve the efficiency of production.


The main machine structure of stoneQuartz CNC machine is made of high strength steel structure and welded steel plate with special treatment. It has good rigidity and stability, which can greatly reduce the resonance and deformation phenomenon inside the machine, so that the machine is more stable and reliable, not easy to fail. Beam structure design can not only improve the working stability of the machine, but also reduce the deformation of the bar and affect the cutting quality.


StoneQuartz CNC machine is generally equipped with LCD touch screen, users only need to input cutting design drawing on the screen, the machine can automatically read and identify, so as to quickly realize cutting processing, improve production efficiency. At the same time, theCNC cutting marble also has automatic cutting, adjustment and other functions, more convenient to operate the machine and improve the processing process, so that the operation of personnel more rigorous and efficient.

 Quartz CNC machine

In short, the application of stoneQuartz CNC machine in the stone industry has become an essential equipment. It has the characteristics of precision, high efficiency and automation, which can greatly improve the processing quality and efficiency. Believe in the future, stone CNC cutting machine will be more widely used in more fields.

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