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Introduction of CNC jade carving machine

CNC jade carving machine is a special machine for processing and engraving all kinds of jade products. It adopts advanced technology to ensure efficient, precise and stable processing effect, and is widely used in various fields, such as jewelry, gifts, cultural creation, etc.


Jade is a precious mineral, known as "the bone of the bone, the king of jade", has a variety of aesthetic, artistic and cultural values. TheCNC jade carving machine is a tool to gradually transfer the processing process of jade products from manual to automatic processing. It can carve various patterns on jade stone quickly and finely, greatly improving the efficiency and precision of jade processing.

CNC jade carving machine

Working principle of CNC jade carving machine

The working principle ofCNC jade carving machine is basically similar to Philips and other brands of razors: one side has a set of positive and negative electrodes, through the current to produce an electric arc cutting, cutting out the jade dust is precipitated into the crystal aura stone, converted into negative ions, improve indoor air quality.


To meet different needs,CNC jade carving machine also have different models and accessories. The commonCNC jade carving machine has two forms: single-head and multi-head. Among them, single-head jade carving machine is generally suitable for small jade handicraft carving, while multi-headCNC marble carving machine is suitable for large jade carving needs, because it can complete multiple head carving at one time.


Before using aCNC jade carving machine for jade carving, the design needs to be transferred to the machine via computer software. This software usually has an easy to use graphical user interface that allows the user to operate it simply and quickly. Then, the jade to be carved is placed into the machine and the machine is started. The machine will automatically follow the preset program to carve and cut until the entire process is completed.

CNC jade carving machine

Advantages of CNC jade carving machine

Compared with manual carving,CNC jade carving machine has many significant advantages. Firstly, it can achieve efficient carving speed and accuracy. Secondly, because it is mechanical processing, it is not affected by manual skills and hand factors, so it is highly efficient and reliable in quality; at the same time, it can also handle multiple workpieces at the same time, saving time and labor costs. In addition, the jade carving machine can carve and cut out various complex patterns, such as text, geometric shapes, portraits, etc.; and, it can also use different drills to process for better results.


In the market of jewelry and cultural products,CNC jade carving machine is an indispensable tool. It can not only improve the timeliness and reduce labor cost, but also create more unique and exquisite products, providing more choices for people's life and aesthetics. At the same time, for people who love to collect jade products,granite carving CNC machine also brings them a better jade collecting experience.


In short,CNC jade carving machine is a core carving and processing tools in the field of modern industrial processing, it has changed the previous manual processing of low efficiency, error-prone, low yield and other defects, thus greatly improving the overall processing efficiency and adding more possibilities for the innovation of jade products.

CNC jade carving machine

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