CNC granite carving stone engraving machine saw

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Introduction of CNC granite saw

CNC granite saw stone engraving machine is a kind of stone processing equipment using computer control system. Compared with the traditional manual and mechanical processing methods,granite carving CNC machine have the advantages of high efficiency, high precision and good repeatability, and are widely used in stone carving, architectural decoration, monument making, garden landscape and other fields.


First, the characteristics of CNC granite saw stone engraving machine

1, high precision:CNC granite saw stone engraving machine using high precision sensor and guide rail, can achieve high precision movement, so as to ensure processing accuracy.

2, high efficiency:granite carving CNC machine using computer programs for processing control, without manual operation, thus greatly improving the processing efficiency.

3, high automation:CNC granite saw engraving machine has the characteristics of a high degree of automation, can automatically complete all the links of stone processing.

4, wide adaptability: CNC stone carving machine can adapt to different shapes, materials of stone processing, so as to release a lot of potential.

Two, the application ofCNC granite sawstone engraving machine

1, stone carving: CNC stone carving machine is widely used in the field of stone carving, can achieve a variety of complex patterns, engraving.

2, architectural decoration:CNC granite saw carving machine can produce a lot of architectural decoration items, such as columns, murals and so on.

3, monument production: CNC stone carving machine can make a lot of monuments, can make different styles of monuments according to customer needs.

4, garden landscape:granite carving CNC machine can produce a variety of shaping landscape, modeling sculpture, garden art and so on.

Three,CNC granite saw stone engraving machine working principle

CNC granite saw stone engraving machine using computer control system to control the movement of the system, and according to people's production requirements for specific processing operations.CNC stone engraving machine movement is mainly composed of three parts: transmission, position measurement and control system.

The drive system is composed of servo controller, digital motor and linear servo motion system, which can accurately control the position and speed of machining head.

The position measuring system includes an encoder, a reading head and a cable. In the process of machining, the position measuring system can constantly measure the position of the machining head so as to better control the machining accuracy.

The control system is composed of computer control, operation response, decoder and so on. It can effectively control the running direction and speed of stone engraving machine. The control precision is accurate and the reliability is higher.

Four,CNC granite saw stone engraving machine advantages and disadvantages

 CNC granite saw


(1) High processing accuracy:CNC stone engravingmachine processing accuracy than traditional machining has been greatly improved.

(2) High efficiency:CNC stone engraving machine can realize automatic production operation, and can carry out rough machining and finish machining two steps.

(3) High reliability: the whole operation system of CNC stone engraving machine uses high-quality components, so as to ensure the stable and reliable operation ofCNC stone engraving machine.


CNC granite saw

In short, with the continuous development of the current society,CNC granite sawstone engraving machine has become more and more necessities for the stone industry, to inject new era elements into the traditional stone industry, so that the stone process with new vitality.

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