Small stone CNC cutting marble machine

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The Introduction of Small stone CNC machine

Small stoneCNC machine is a small CNC engraving machine suitable for cutting and engraving various materials.small stoneCNC machine is a kind of mechanical equipment specially used for processing and engraving stone. It has the characteristics of automation, high efficiency and high precision, which can replace the traditional manual engraving and carving stone and improve the processing speed and accuracy. In the stone industry, stone CNC machinery has become an indispensable tool.TheCNC engraving marble is constructed with advanced three-axis stepper motor and high precision aluminum alloy frame, which makes it high speed, high precision and high stability, suitable for various occasions, such as home, school, handicraft making, small business, etc.


Stone CNC machinery includes CNC engraving machine, CNC cutting machine, CNC parquet machine and other different types of machinery and equipment. Thesesmall stoneCNC machine  and equipment can be automated processing according to the different types and shapes of stone. The use of stone CNC machinery can greatly improve the production efficiency and processing quality of the stone industry, but also to reduce labor costs and improve the competitiveness of enterprises.


The CNC machine marbleengraving has a simple and beautiful appearance, easy to use, and users can realize cutting and engraving of various materials through simple operation. The machine uses the software of GRBL control board and supports a variety of software: Grbl, Benbox, Eleksmaker, T2-Laser, etc., which is easy to operate. Also, the machine has adjustable cutting depth and speed, supports manual, automatic positioning and fast position positioning, which can meet different needs of users. In addition, thesmall stoneCNC machine also supports offline control, just save the designed file on the TF card to achieve offline cutting.

small stone CNC machine

The usage of small stone cnc machine

This small stoneCNC machine engraving machine can cut various materials such as wood, plastic, PCB, thick cardboard, leather, rubber, etc. Besides, it can also engrave various patterns and logos, which is a good assistant for producing various crafts. It is suitable for families, students, craft enthusiasts, small businesses and other people. Also, the machine is very easy to repair and maintain, just make sure the machine is dry and clean.


small stoneCNC machine is a small CNC engraving machine with high cost performance, it has both the functions of ordinary engraving machine and the advantages of large CNC engraving machine, and the price is also very friendly, it is a very worthy machine. Its appearance will provide more convenient and creative creative space for the majority of engravers and enthusiasts, and will also promote the sublimation of traditional handicrafts.


small stoneCNC machine in the stone industry has a wide range of applications, such as architectural decoration, stone cutting and carving. For example, in stone decoration, stone CNC machinery can be used for carving lintels, carving walls, carving columns, carving patterns, etc. In stone cutting,CNC machine marbleengraving can be used to cut all kinds of stone, such as marble, granite, sandstone, etc.. In addition, in stone applique,small stoneCNC machine can achieve a variety of applique, such as inlay, puzzle, water-cut applique, etc.

 small stone CNC machine

In a word,small stoneCNC machine is a small CNC engraving machine with stable performance, simple operation and moderate price, which can be widely used in making crafts, DIY production, woodworking products and many other industry fields, and is a very practical and efficient CNC engraving machine.

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