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introduction ofbridge cutter marble

Bridge cutter marble machine is a kind of mechanical equipment used to cut marble, granite, stone and other materials. It is an advanced mechanical equipment to achieve efficient and accurate cutting through various technical means, so that marble and other materials can be widely used in the fields of construction, decoration and engraving.


The main structure ofbridge cutter marble machine is composed of the body, guide rail, cutting beam, cutting head, transmission system, hydraulic system and other parts. Among them, the body is the basis for supporting the whole equipment, the guide rail is mainly used to control the direction of movement of the cutting beam, the cutting beam is the core part of the equipment, on which the cutting head is installed, the transmission system is responsible for controlling the movement of the whole equipment, and the hydraulic system provides the necessary power support for the equipment.

Bridge cutter marble machine can be divided into manual cutting machine and automatic cutting machine according to different cutting methods. Manual cutting machine requires manual control of cutting direction and depth, which is suitable for small-scale processing or simple cutting work. Automatic cutting machines, on the other hand, have various advantages such as automation, high efficiency and high precision, and can automatically complete large-scale repetitive operations. Meanwhile, automatic cutting machine can also be divided into two kinds of horizontal cutting machine and longitudinalmarble cuttermachine, the former is suitable for horizontal cutting of marble and other materials, and the latter is suitable for longitudinal cutting.


Bridge cutter marble machine also has various working methods, such as one-time cutting, sliding cutting, rotary cutting, etc. The one-time cutting method is to achieve the full cutting depth required in one cutting process, which is suitable for mass production and the need for continuous cutting; sliding cutting is to achieve the cutting depth by controlling the moving cutting head, which can obtain high precision and high efficiency cutting effect and is suitable for cutting work of various shapes; rotary cutting is to achieve cutting by rotating the cutting head, which can achieve various shapes of curves, It is suitable for carving and other cutting work that requires special shapes.

bridge cutter marble

The advantages ofbridge cutter marble machine mainly include the following aspects:

①High efficiency:bridge cutter marble machine has the characteristics of fast, efficient and automatic, which can greatly improve production efficiency and work efficiency. Some advanced performance of automatic cutting machine, the work efficiency can reach more than several dozen square meters per hour.


②High precision:granite machine cutter machine adopts multiple technical means, which can achieve high precision cutting and processing, and the final product quality obtained is also better. In general, the cutting depth can be controlled within 0.1mm.


③Convenient to use:granite machine cutter machine is simple, convenient and easy to master. Most models of marble cutting machines can be edited in various lengths, depths and shapes, which makes the processing efficiency much higher and has a high popularity in the industry.


④Good cutting quality: marble cutting machine can achieve high precision and high efficiency cutting, which not only meets the product requirements, but also greatly improves the productivity and versatility of the products.

bridge cutter marble

Bridge cutter marble machine can be widely used in the fields of construction, decoration, carving and stone products processing. In construction and decoration, marble cutting machine is usually applied to the cutting and processing of marble stone for walls, floors, columns, etc.; in the field of carving, marble cutting machine can cut complex carving shapes, so as to achieve efficient carving work. In the processing of stone products, marble cutting machine is widely used to make stone products such as tombstones, incense burners, flower pots and so on.


In a word,marble cutter machine is an advanced machinery and equipment with various advantages such as high efficiency, high precision and easy operation, which can meet the processing needs of various different fields.

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