matrix triton rock stone cutting band bridge saw blade machine

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Introduction ofmatrix triton bridge saw

Granitematrix triton bridge saw cutting machine is a kind of mechanical equipment, which belongs to a kind ofstone cutting saw machine. It is mainly used for cutting granite, marble, basalt, artificial stone and other kinds of stone with high efficiency, precision and stability, which is one of the indispensable equipment in stone processing industry.


The main structure of granitematrix triton bridge saw cutting machine includes cutting head, spindle, control system, feeding system, centrifugal pump and so on. The cutting head is the core part of the granite cutting machine, which usually consists of cutting edge, knife holder, cooling system, etc. It can realize fast, accurate and smooth cutting of the stone. The main shaft is another important part of granitestone cutting saw machine, which is responsible for providing the necessary speed and power to ensure the normal operation of the cutting head.

The control system is the intelligent management system of the granitematrix triton bridge saw cutting machine, which can realize the functions of automatic steering of the cutting head, adjustment of the feeding speed and control of the cutting depth according to the processing demand. The feeding system is mainly used for transporting the stone to ensure that the stone is correctly in place and the cutting process is smoothly carried out. Centrifugal pump is one of the auxiliary equipment of granite cutting machine, if you use water cooling method, you need to use the centrifugal pump to send the water flow to the cutting head to keep the cooling effect of the cutting head.

rock cutting band saw blade

Feature of matrix triton bridge saw

The cutting methods of granite matrix triton bridge saw cutting machine include water cutting and dry cutting. Among them, the principle of water cutting is in the cutting process, the cutting head constantly spray water to the stone cooling, even thicker stone can achieve efficient cutting, the cutting surface is also very smooth, no secondary processing. Dry cutting is through the power and direct impact to achieve stone separation, due to its lack of cooling water, the speed is slower, the stone surface is prone to cracks, the need for post-processing.

Granite matrix triton bridge saw cutting machine can be applied to various fields such as architecture, decoration, monument, stone carving products. In the field of construction, granite matrix triton bridge saw cutting machine can be used to cut natural stone plates, artificial stone plates, polished stone plates, etc.; in the field of decoration, granite stone cutting saw machine can be used to cut sandalwood, plastic, artificial wood and other materials to make various carvings and decorations; in the field of monuments, granite cutting machine can be used to make tombstones, cemetery plaques, stone reliefs, etc.

In short, granite matrix triton bridge saw cutting machine as a kind of rock cutting band saw blade stone cutting machine, with high efficiency, precision, stability and other characteristics, plays an important role in the stone processing industry. With the development of the industry, granite cutting machine will become more and more automated and intelligent, injecting more vitality into the stone processing industry.

rock cutting band saw blade

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