Farnese rock cutting band saw blade granite bridge cutting machine

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Introduction of farnese bridge saw

Granite farnese bridge saw cutting machine is a kind of mechanical equipment specially used for cutting granite, its main function is to divide and trim the granite with different kinds of cutting tools. Granite is a common rock with hardness, wear resistance and toughness, so it needs special tools to process it. Granite cutting machine adopts high performance technology and material, which can process efficiently and precisely in a shorter time, and is widely used in Taishan stone, Shoushan stone, stone art and tombstone industries.


Granite farnese bridge saw cutting machine structure is large, wide base and heavy weight, and it can be further divided into linear saw granite cutting machine and curved cutting machine according to its processing method. Among them, the linear cutting machine is suitable for smaller processing pieces such as granite slabs and small squares, and the different cutting methods such as linear cutting and diagonal cutting are realized by controlling the movement of the cutting tool; the arc saw granite cutting machine is suitable for larger granite processing pieces, and is generally divided into rough processing and bright surface processing. Rough processing is mainly to cut and cut the raw material in initial shape, while bright surface processing can make it get more smooth and detailed surface treatment, using more complex control system to control the four directions of motor, walking, lifting and positioning to achieve more accurate cutting and processing effect.

 farnese bridge saw

Characteristic of farnese bridge saw

The cutting range of granite farnese bridge saw cutting machine is up to 10cm or more, generally through the addition of tools such as grinding discs (abrasive discs, flakes, profiles) to achieve cutting, but also according to the processing thickness and requirements for adjustment, to reduce the occurrence of spalling, cracking and other problems. When working, the blade of granite farnese bridge saw cutting machine will produce a lot of dust and debris, so it needs to be equipped with dust and smoke removal equipment to ensure the working environment of the workshop and the health and safety of the operators.


Granite farnese bridge saw cutting machine has been widely used in granite processing industry, which can not only improve the production efficiency and reduce the labor cost, but also create higher value fine products to meet different market demands. At present, there are a variety of granite farnese bridge saw cutting machines on the market, and the brands and models vary widely, so consumers need to choose according to their own needs and budget when purchasing. In the process of use, it needs to be adjusted in different ways according to different types of granite, different processing methods and requirements, and be familiar with the structure, usage and safety protection measures of the machine in order to guarantee the long-term stable operation of the rock cutting band saw blade equipment.

farnese bridge saw

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