achilli bridge saw table second hand stone bridge machine

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Introduction of bridge saw table

Bridge saw table is a professional stone processing machinery and equipment, mainly used for shearing, grooving, grinding, punching and other processing of marble, granite, slate and other materials. The machine is known for its stability and precision, and is widely used in the stone processing industry. If the budget is not enough, you can choose the second hand stone bridge saw.

The main components of Bridge saw table include cutting table, cutting machinery, plumbing system and so on. Its surface consists of two long strips of steel. The water troughs on the steel plates collect water for cooling and reducing the dust generated in the stone processing. The distance between the steel plates can be adjusted by an electric motor-driven lifting device to accommodate different thicknesses of stone materials.achilli bridge sawis very convenient and efficient.

achilli bridge saw

The building blocks of bridge saw table

The cutting machinery is the core part of the bridge saw table, which usually consists of a high power electric motor, saw blade, lifting machinery, water pump and saw blade motion control system. The high power motor drives the saw blade to rotate, the lifting machine helps to carry and replenish the stone, and the water pump is mainly used to spray water onto the saw blade to ensure the blade is sufficiently cooled to reduce the wear and tear of the blade and extend its service life.

The water pipe system is another important part of the bridge saw table, the main role is to deliver water to the cutting area of the saw blade and table. The hose system can be adjusted to suit the material being processed, and the water flow and pressure can be adjusted to handle different types of stone.

achilli bridge saw

The advantages of the Bridge saw table

The advantages of the Bridge saw table include efficiency, safety, precision and durability. It can cut stone quickly and precisely, improving processing efficiency and work quality. The machine uses a hydraulic and electronic system to control the cutting machinery and the water flow in the cutting area, ensuring a high level of safety and stability for the operator when using the machine.

Bridge saw table is widely used in the stone processing industry, but also in architecture, decoration, kitchens and bathrooms. If the bridge saw table is used for stone cutting, it not only presents the structure and pattern of the stone perfectly, but also fits perfectly into various design schemes and enhances the aesthetics of the interior space.

In short, bridge saw table is an efficient and precise stone processing equipment, widely used in stone processing, architectural decoration and other fields. It has a reputation for its stability, safety, precision and durability. People can experience the result of advanced processing technology and high quality stone processing through the use of bridge saw table.

achilli bridge saw

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