Laser rock cnc granite stone engraving machine

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Introduction of laser rock engraving machine

Laser rock engraving machine, as the name implies, is a mechanical equipment for CNC stone engraving, it can punch, cut, drill, carve and other operations on stone. It is mainly for the stone for carving processing machinery and equipment, its main function is to process the stone. Its working principle is to cut the stone powder with certain strength to the stone through the high-speed rotating tool, and cut the stone under the action of the tool. At present,CNC granite engraving machine is mainly divided into three types: the first is pneumatic engraving machine; the second is the CNC engraving machine; the third is thelaser rock engraving machine. The main feature of pneumatic engraving machine is the use of compressed air as the working medium, can be processed in a small space, but the processing quality is unstable, and low processing efficiency;CNC granite engraving machine using the electric spindle working principle, high processing accuracy, and can achieve fully automatic carving processing.

cnc granite engraving machine

Structure features of laser rock engraving machine

①Using Taiwan imported high-speed spindle motor, after strict lubrication and cooling system, to ensure the processing accuracy and stability;

②Adopting four screws, which can be axially telescoped to adapt to different processing requirements;

③Adopting professional servo motor drive technology to improve the machining accuracy of the machine;

④Adopting professional three-axis tool magazine design technology, which can store two or more machining programs at the same time;

⑤Adopting special screw axis locking mechanism to ensure the stability and safety of the machine in processing;

⑥Equipped with professional multi-functional fixture, which can realize the installation and fixing of various auxiliary tools.

cnc granite engraving machine

Mechanical part of laser rock engraving machine

①The mechanical part of the design, mainly refers to the design of the mechanical part of the laser rock engraving machine, this part mainly includes the motor, screw, guide, ball screw, coupling and spindle and other mechanical parts.

②For the mechanical part of the engraving machine selection, mainly according to the different specifications of the motor used in the engraving machine, as well as different models. Now on the market there are many engraving machines used by the motor are imported, but the price is more expensive, so we have to choose according to the model they use to choose.

③For the transmission system and control system selection, mainly based on the carving process to determine, such as drilling, cutting, etc.

cnc granite engraving machine

Laser rock engraving machine control system

①The system adopts industrial control chip, which has the advantages of high reliability, low power consumption, stability and reliability.

②Adopt full digital control mode, can realize two-axis synchronous motion control.

③The control system has the characteristics of friendly operation interface and easy to use, etc.

④With powerful programming function, it supports automatic programming and manual programming.

⑤With system self-diagnosis function and automatic fault recovery function, easy to use.

⑥Support manual, automatic and fast processing three processing modes; support stepless adjustment of speed and time; support stepless variable speed of processing path; support automatic shutdown function.

Human-machine interface is the most important part of the CNC system, is the user and computer interaction interface. It is graphically displayed to the user, and provides the user with control commands and other operating methods, the human-machine interface also includes real-time monitoring of the operating status of the equipment, solaser rock engraving machine directly affects the overall performance of the CNC system.

CNC granite engraving machinecan realize unattended automatic operation, so in order to ensure the high efficiency, high precision and low energy consumption operation of the equipment, it needs to be monitored in real time, including real-time monitoring of the processing program, spindle speed, motion trajectory and other data, so as to adjust the operating parameters in time to ensure that the equipment can run normally and stably.

With the development of science and technology, the application ofCNC stone engraving machine is becoming more and more extensive. Its main application is in the field of interior decoration, advertising production, building construction, etc., so as to achieve the operation of cutting, carving and punching of stone. With the market for stone processing quality and efficiency requirements, the use of stone engraving machine is becoming more and more widespread.

The above is a brief introduction to thelaser rock engraving machine, I believe that you already have a certain understanding of it. No matter what kind of equipment you choose, we have to start from their own situation, according to the actual situation to choose the most suitable for their own equipment. I hope my article can bring help to everyone.

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