Knowledge of Laser Rock Granite Block Cutter Saw

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Process classification oflaser rock cutter

Laser rock cutter machine is a use of numerical control technology and advanced equipment for stone cutting, engraving, stone processing of professional equipment. Mainly used in large engineering construction, architectural decoration and furniture manufacturing industries such as cutting and engraving. According to the requirements of users, can achieve different functions, including: cutting, engraving, drilling and so on. CNC laser rock cutter is widely used in a variety of stone processing enterprises, building decoration enterprises and furniture manufacturing enterprises.

Laser rock cutter according to the processing technology can be divided into:

(1)block cutter saw machine, also known as saw blade cutting machine, is divided into linear saw cutting machine and circular saw cutting machine.

(2) line cutting machine, also known as line cutting machine or CNC cutting machine, including engraving machine and CNC equipment.

(3) Plasma cutting machine, including plasma cutting machine and plasma arc cutting machine.

(4)Laser rock cutter, also known as laser cutting machine or laser marking machine.

(5) laser punching machine, etc.

laser rock cutter

The principle oflaser rock cutter

Block cutter saw principle is the use of mechanical or electrical methods, will have been cut off the object (or plane) and another cut off object (or plane) between the relative motion, so that the two objects occur relative displacement, and achieve the purpose of cutting processing for both. Sawing processing can be divided into: band sawing, slot sawing, V sawing, circular sawing machine and linear sawing machine.

Band saw cutting is the use of logs, bamboo and other materials, by setting a straight line between two boards, through the tooth saw blade to press the wood into a straight line, and then through the up and down motion to make the wood rolling forward, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting wood.

Groove sawing is to realize the purpose of cutting by setting a groove between two plates with a certain gap between them. Slot saw cutting machine is a common mechanical bandblock cutter sawmachine.

Principle of laser rock cutter

Cutting principle: CNC stone cutting machine using high-speed rotating tool (circular saw blade or blade), cutting the workpiece, the CNC system controls the cutting tool to the workpiece.

(1) When the high-speed rotating tool cuts the workpiece, the cutting surface can be formed into a certain Angle with the tool shaft, so that the tool moves at a higher speed on the cutting surface.

(2) During the cutting process, the tool and the workpiece are relatively static, and the cutting depth of the tool is small.

(3) If the cutting speed is high enough, the cutting depth of the tool is very small, almost close to zero.

(4) CNC stonelaser rock cutter sawmachine can cut many kinds of materials, such as metal, plastic, wood and so on.

laser rock cutter

The composition of the laser rock cutter system

The cutting system of laser rock cutter machine is generally composed of motor, electrical control system, mechanical transmission system and auxiliary equipment. The function of the motor is to drive the motor to operate, and to export the heat generated in the cutting process. Electrical control system includes two parts: one is software control, the other is hardware control. The function of software control is to realize the setting of cutting parameters, complete the preparation of machining program, and drive the motor and related executive parts in the electrical system to run; Hardware control is mainly responsible for the realization of cutting program, driving the work of each functional component. Auxiliary equipment mainly includes: cooling device, cutting auxiliary device and power supply.

In stonelaser rock cutter machine, mechanical transmission system and auxiliary equipment to complete the cutting process. Mechanical transmission system mainly includes spindle transmission system, moving guide rail system and other parts.

laser rock cutter

Main parameters of the granite block cutter system

(1) The speed of the cutting system is generally measured by the cutting accuracy.

(2) The cutting depth of the cutting system is controlled by the computer to determine its specific size.

(3) the width of the cutting system, which is determined by the mechanical structure and mechanical movement.

(8) What kind of control mode and control accuracy and parameters are used in the numerical control system.

(9) Processing method and processing allowance design calculation method. Factors such as machining allowance and material thickness need to be considered.

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