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 Features of rock core cutting machine

Rock core cutting machine can be used to cut and chamfer marble sheet plate within 3 meters, quartz stone plate, cement plate, ceramic plate and other plates and materials within 110mm in thickness. It can be adjusted to cut 45 degree angle for chamfering, widely used in many fields such as home stone, tile, decoration, construction works, highway works, etc. The machine design is simple and reasonable, automatic with water environmental protection work, easy to install and operate.3m stone slabbest granite cutting machine is suitable for large granite and marble slab cutting processing, left and right plus rolling extension table, increase the width contact area, effective support processing parts.

rock core cutting machine

Granite marble cutting machine features

  • Super power, 3.7 kW custom industrial grade copper core motor, waterproof protection.

  • Fully automatic cutting, can adjust the saw blade up and down, according to the different thickness of the material, the saw blade feed speed adjustable Ø Separate table, easy access to the cleaning water basin and water pump.

  • The head can be deflected 45 degrees for chamfering cutting.

  • The head can be lifted The head can be easily lifted by the hand wheel to accommodate different size saw blades.

  • Imported guide rail cutting head slides smoothly to ensure cutting quality.

  • Stainless steel table can resist abrasion and corrosion.

  • The machine is equipped with a left and right auxiliary table, which greatly widens the width of the rock core cutting machine.

  • With laser line marker, convenient for calibration.

  • Dust-free water circulation wet cutting, saving water resources, reducing pollution green.

  •  Deeper and thicker frame, rigid and durable; built-in water basin with greater depth, large water capacity, extending the use time of each water change, thus improving efficiency.

  • Please match the marble professional cutting piece.

  • Standard equipped with auxiliary table to provide support for large size stone.

  • Circulating water operation standard with high flow industrial water pump, in the case of no external water source can circulate water operation.

rock core cutting machine

The application field of rock core cutting machine

The rock core cutting machine is designed to provide professional cutting effect for tiles, ceramics, and various types of stone and brick. Simple and reasonable design, automatic with water environmental protection operation, electric hand pull for cutting operation. Easy to install and operate and not limited by any site is very suitable for on-site cutting operations on the site. A variety of cutting lengths and depths are available for users to choose from, and the auxiliary table on the left and right sides simultaneously enhances the machine's expansion performance.

The 8mm steel plate bending support and head and bearing steel guide ensure the lightweight performance and cutting accuracy of the machine, and the stainless steel table top and thickened body greatly improve the durability and service life of the machine. The wide range of cutting applications and the 45° chamfering effect make the cutting surface flat and the chamfering quality superb, making this machine the best solution for small and medium-sized cutting needs.

The rock core cutting machine uses imported bearing steel guide rails with a diameter of 4 cm, ensuring a cutting error of only 20 threads (0.2 mm), the granite marble cutting machine is designed to provide professional cutting results for tiles, ceramics, bricks and various stones. The support of the machine we use is made of 8mm steel plate pressed, and the stainless steel processing table greatly extends the service life of the machine.


Scope of application of rock core cutting machine:

1. suitable for high-speed cutting ordinary stone, tiles, ceramics, such as granite, tiles, marble and other kinds of stone, economic, sharp, plus water cutting applicable to a wide range;

2. suitable for engineering construction and mass users;

3. Suitable for high-speed cutting general stone, plus water cutting medium and high hardness stone, sharp, in the life of moderate, suitable for small projects, non-professional households. Widening piece is your best choice;;

4. suitable for cutting medium hardness stone, ceramics, concrete, etc., efficient, wide range of use, suitable for medium-sized projects, professional users;

5. Suitable for high speed cutting medium and high hardness stone, high cutting efficiency, good durability, suitable for large projects, professional stone production.

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