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Introduction of portable rock cutting machine

portable rock cutting machine of automatic granite cutting machine is a kind of multi-knife multi-stage stone cutting machine composed of cutting knife set, stone conveying table, positioning guide plate and frame, cutting knife set on the stone conveying table and placed on the frame, cutting knife set fixed between the positioning guide plate; cutting knife set consists of motor, belt, knife wheel shaft, cutting knife, cutting knife fixed on the knife wheel shaft. This stone cutting machine can respectively cut and trim the stone at different depths, and can trim the stone less than 1m3, which can turn waste into treasure, greatly saving stone resources and also helping to protect the environment. Mechanical cutting and finishing can be done for various types of stones, with high finishing efficiency, plus effective use of small stones, making the production cost lower.

In the process of mechanical finishing, plate cutting commonly used way of manual cutting, semi-automatic cutting machine cutting and stone CNC marble cutting machine cutting. Manual cutting flexible and convenient, but the manual cutting quality is poor, size error, material waste, follow-up finishing workload, while the labor conditions are harsh, low production efficiency. Semi-automatic cutting machine in the imitation cutting machine, cutting the work piece quality is better, due to its use of cutting molds, not suitable for single pieces, small quantities and large work piece cutting. Other types of semi-automatic portable rock cutting machine, although reducing the labor intensity of workers, but its function is simple, only suitable for some of the more regular shape of the parts cutting.

CNC marble cutting machine relative to manual and semi-automatic cutting method, can effectively improve the efficiency of plate cutting, cutting quality, reduce the operator's labor intensity. At present, in some small and medium-sized enterprises around the world and even in some large enterprises using manual cutting and semi-automatic cutting method is still more common. At present, with the development of modern machinery industry, the efficiency of plate cutting and finishing and product quality requirements are also improved. Thus, the market potential of stone CNC cutting machine is still very large, the market outlook is relatively optimistic. Improve the production efficiency and cutting quality of the stone CNC cutting machine, reduce production costs, improve the level of automation and system stability, improve the system function to become the direction of its technical development.

portable rock cutting machine

Working principle of portable rock cutting machine

The working principle of the portable rock cutting machine is similar to that of a diamond glass cutter cutting glass. It can cut all kinds of wall and floor tiles in straight line and arc, glazed or unglazed interior and exterior wall tiles, floor tiles, three-dimensional tiles, ceramic plates, glass porcelain tiles and flat glass, etc. The portable rock cutting machine can not only cut smoothly, and improve the efficacy of more than 5 times, the knife wheel life extended 2 ~ 4 times, neat cutter mouth, low cost, no electricity, no cooling water, no noise, lightweight, easy to use and carry.

How to use theportable rock cutting machine:

①Install the dust collection cover before installing the saw blade. First loosen the small screw of the locking block and install the dust collection hood on the gear box. Adjust the dust collection hood to a suitable angle for operation, then tighten the screw.

②After installing the diamond saw blade, insert the metal connector of the vacuum cleaner hose into the vacuum cleaner mounting port and tighten it with the screw screw.

③Leave the dust collection hood against the stone to be sawed, calibrate the drawing line with the position of the saw blade, without opening, and then you can make the cut.

④Diamond saw blade can not be used to sawing metal materials, otherwise it will cause overheating, shorten the life, and cause the diamond saw blade rupture.

⑤Saw blade in operation, do not put your hand or body near, can not touch, so as not to cause the risk of being scratched or involved, saw blade in operation, can not use metal bars and other auxiliary objects to brake, must operate the switch to let it stop rotating.

⑥Electricportable rock cutting machine is not allowed to remove the guard for sawing operations. The material being sawed, especially when sawing small pieces of material, the material must be clamped before sawing, in order to avoid accidents caused by material flying out when sawing.

portable rock cutting machine

Precautions for portable rock cutting machine

①The operator must have general knowledge of the use of machinery and electrical appliances, and remember to wear insulated gloves when operating.

②When cutting beveled edges or bevels need to tilt the head of the machine, the head should first be raised to the uppermost part along the top and bottom of the rotating sector, and then loosen the bolt above the head tilt. To prevent the head from suddenly tilting down during operation, hold the head by hand when loosening the bolts.

③Before turning on the machine when giving the stone portable rock cutting machine, be sure to check that all parts of the bolt, nut is not loose, check the power supply, wiring there is no leakage, check the direction of the saw blade placement is not consistent with the direction of the guard arrow, check well before you can start using the machine.

portable rock cutting machine

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