The Rock Cutting Saw Machine for Brick and Natural Stone

Author:Dafon Kerbstone Machine FROM:Stone Machine Manufacturer TIME:2023-03-15

The features of rock cutting saw machine

This model is a brand new product independently developed by our company according to the market demand. It brings together all the advantages of ordinary single beam gantry large rock cutting saw machine and efficient combination saw:

①Controlled by ultra-high precision rotary encoder, driven by high-precision screw nut, precise fragmentation;

②The left and right walking is controlled by the frequency converter, which can be adjusted according to the stone material to ensure high efficiency and high quality cutting plate;

③Independently developed hydraulic system, four guide column structure, guide column after chrome plating treatment, plus sealed guide sleeve, guide sleeve design multi-layer seal, waterproof, dustproof, oil leakage prevention, small clearance. The overall appearance is generous, improve the service life;

④Humanized man-machine operation interface, easy to operate, precise plate cutting segmentation.

Unique double beam structure and heavy fuselage, than ordinary gantry bridge rock cutting saw machine has better stability and efficiency, at the same time, this model has the following characteristics:Multi-piece hanging (up to 27 pieces), multi-group tower hanging method, higher precision, higher output.Rock brick cutting machine hang large pieces (Max. 3.5m), increase the stroke, can cut the size of the board is larger, the maximum depth of 1.55m

rock cutting saw machine

What is the advantage of Rock cutting saw machine?

Rock cutting saw machine can hang 26 pieces of tower pieces, and can hang 13 sets of size pieces. More pieces, higher yield. Compared with the conventional multi-slice bridge cutting machine, the output can be doubled 2-3 times; According to the actual operation needs, 2-4 pieces of raw material can be placed at the same time for cutting;Super travel, the maximum cutting depth can be 1.6 meters, to some extent replace the frame saw, the cutting cost is one third of the frame data. Less investment to create higher value for customers;Thenatural stone cutting machineuse of ultra-thin saw blade and high-efficiency energy-saving motor, to achieve the same output, lower energy consumption, compared with the conventional multi-slice bridge cutting, the comprehensive cost can be reduced by about 30%;Rock cutting saw machine unique double beam structure and thick fuselage make the cutting stability is high, the effect is better, the precision is higher, the board surface is more flat, the output is higher.

rock cutting saw machine

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