How to Use stone block Cutting Machine Cut Blocks?

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Meaning of Stone Block Cutting Machine

A stone block cutting machine is a tool used to cut large stone blocks into smaller pieces or precise shapes. Some stone block cutting machines are designed to cut through granite, marble, and other types of natural stone, while others are designed to cut through concrete, brick, and other building materials. Block cutting machine can be manual or automatic, with the latter being more efficient and precise. They are commonly used in construction, masonry, and stone fabrication industries to create blocks, slabs, tiles, and other stone products

 machine cut blocks

The operate of Using Stone Block Cutting Machine Cut Blocks

Before cut blocks you need to do some preparation:

Choose the right cutting blade: Use a diamond blade with the appropriate size and thickness for the type of stone you are cutting.

Prepare the stone block: Clean the surface of the block and mark the cutting line using a pencil or chalk. Ensure that the block is securely placed on the Block cutting machine.

Set the cutting depth: Adjust the cutting depth of the blade according to the thickness of the stone block. Ensure that the blade is not set too deep, as this can cause the blade to overheat and become damaged. 

Turn on the machine: Ensure that all safety features of theblockcutting machine are working and turn on the machine.

Start cutting: Slowly move the blade along the marked cutting line. Apply consistent pressure and make sure the blade is perpendicular to the surface of the stone. Use a guide rail or fence to ensure straight cuts.

Cooling: Apply water or coolant to the blade to keep it cool and prevent overheating. This will also reduce dust and debris.

Repeat: Continue to make cuts until the desired shape and size of the stone block is achieved.

Turn off the machine: After cutting, turn off the machine and allow the blade to come to a complete stop before removing the stone blocks.

machine cut blocks

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