Introduction of rock stone cutting and polishing equipment

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What kinds of rock cutting polishing equipment?

There are many kinds of rock cutting polishing equipment. There are polishing plane plate, arc plate, line, shaped edge, etc. And grinding and polishing machine according to its mechanical structure is divided into: multi-head continuous automatic grinding machine, hand grinder, bridge double-head grinding machine. The multi-head continuous automatic grinding and polishing mill is divided into 20, 16 and 12 automatic continuous grinding machines according to the number of grinding heads installed. There are two types of rock cutting polishing equipment.

According to the polished products are divided into:

Flat plate polishing machine:mainly used for flat plate grinding and polishing;

Arc surface plate polishing machine:mainly used for arc surface plate, elliptic surface plate polishing;

Special shape line polishing machine:mainly used for line polishing and polishing;

Edge grinding and polishing machine, straight edge polishing and polishing machine, curved edge polishing and polishing machine: mainly used for plate polishing and polishing edge;

Rotary products polishing machine:mainly used for rotary products polishing. Such as cylinders and spheres.

According to different mechanical structure, it can be divided into:

Automatic continuous grinding and polishing machine and automatic multi-head continuous flat plate polishing machine.

Rock cutting polishing equipment machine is a new type of flat plate in stone processing, grinding and polishing equipment, especially suitable for grinding and polishing granite and marble flat plate. rock polishing and cutting equipment can continuously and automatically complete the whole process of grinding and polishing flat plate, high production efficiency, throw out the luminosity uniform, luminosity good, high flatness, consistent thickness, stable quality, suitable for large-scale production line, rock cutting polishing equipment has the advantages of other flat plate polishing machine incomparable, has been promoted and used in many stone enterprises in the world.

rock cutting polishing equipment

The features of rock cutting polishing equipment

Rock cutting polishing equipment machine, set cutting, round digging, edge grinding, drilling, slotting, chamfering as one. The head rotates 360°without dead Angle, infrared positioning, precise cutting at various angles. Touch screen operating system, simple and convenient. The table can be turned over 87°, the table has a floating roller, easy to move the plate. The stone cutting and polishing equipment machine system is co-developed with the Italian company, using industrial tablet computer, resistance type 15 inch embedded touch screen man-machine interface industrial control all-in-one machine support installation of windows XP system with good openness, compact structure, high integration, easy operation and maintenance characteristics; Front and back, left and right, lifting and lifting are all linear slide, CNC servo motor drive, built-in high progress rotary encoder, according to the stone material speed adjustment positioning accuracy is higher; Matching steel frame, factory installation is easy to ensure the performance of equipment; The key parts are imported high quality parts, with high cutting efficiency, high cutting precision, high stability, simple operation and other advantages, a variety of different configuration optional,rock polishing and cutting equipment especially suitable for high value large size granite, marble SLATE and special-shaped stone cutting.

rock cutting polishing equipment

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