Laser rock carving equipment engraving machine suitable for stone

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Introduction the working principle of laser rock engraving machine

Stone is now the most common material in architectural decoration. Stone carving products of thick, hard, anti-wear, durable, elegant, luxurious characteristics of the field of decoration has a unique style. There are many kinds of stone carving materials and rich resources. Many kinds of stone texture, color and texture suitable for laser rock engraving machine, the effect is very good.

laser rock engraving machine is composed of computer, engraving machine controller, stone engraving machine host machine three parts. Working principle: It is designed and typeset through the special engraving software configured in the computer, and the information of design and typesetting is automatically transmitted to the engraving machine controller by the computer, and then the controller converts the information into a power signal (pulse string) that can drive the stepper motor or servo motor, and controls the engraving machine host to generate X, Y, Z three axes of the engraving cutting subgrade. At the same time, the high-speed rotating engraving head of the stone carving equipment, through the cutting tool configured according to the processing material, the processing material fixed on the host workbench for cutting, you can carve out a variety of plane or three-dimensional relief graphics and text designed in the computer, to realize the automatic operation of stone laser rock engraving machine engraving.

Professional production and manufacturing team and sophisticated processing machine production line.laser rock engraving machine adopts imported high-precision guide rail, double row four rows of sliding blocks, large bearing capacity, stable operation, high precision, long life, precise cutting. The company has a variety of models for customers to choose, but also can be customized according to customer needs.

rock engraving equipment effect is good or not, the key lies in the correct adjustment and control of laser system power and speed.

laser rock engraving machine

Which stone is the laser rock engraving machine suitable for

In the face of different characteristics of stone, laser rock engraving machine should have what skills? the most common ones roughly include the following six categories:

Slate stone: It is another kind of natural stone suitable for laser engraving. Compared with marble, SLATE has a softer texture and a rough surface. But because SLATE stone is derived from sedimentary stone, fine texture, uniform color and diversity, laser engraving products are widely used in wall decoration, floor and other aspects.

Marble: In the personalized carving, marble is the most ideal raw material of choice. The quality of marble is good, and the color is solemn. Therefore, in addition to having many traditional products, recently developed to use laser technology engraving photos, images and text, etc.,is popular.

Granite: It is very hard and durable. It is widely used for prizes, souvenirs and construction. Granite, belonging to the limestone system, is distinguished by its speckled, salt-and-pepper color, and sometimes the texture of marble. Granite can accept a variety of polishing and finishing treatments. In view of granite color, especially black and white granite is often used for laser engraving on the text, image, very attractive.

Sand stone: As the name suggests, sand and stone are naturally condensed from fine sand. The color of sand and stone is produced by the process of hard stone washing and grinding minerals. Because the sand is a mixture of all kinds of sand, the texture is soft, the effect of laser engraving is very good.

Travertine: This stone is slowly precipitated by the geothermal evolution, the carbon dioxide bubbles produced by the heat of mineral water rich in minerals "hole", and has a unique aesthetic feeling, the main color has dark brown or black. In addition, dark red and dark brown are also common, mostly used for floor and corner decoration.

River stones: The river stones have been washed away at the bottom of the river bed for many, many years, making them smooth, round and shiny. The ideal type of river stone is a flat, high-gloss black. River Stone laser carvings will gain a place in the field of corporate gifts, park decoration and so on.

laser rock engraving machine

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