High speed Laser water jet rock cutter polisher machine

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The main features of thelaser rock cutter machine

Laser rock cutter Machine Features isXYZC four axis, C axis 0 to 135 degree automatic rotation, horizontal, vertical and diamond cutting, and 45-degree miter cutting chamfering. PLC control system, input operating parameters on the control panel, and the cutting process is automated and programmed.By infrared ray to confirm the position of the work piece.Whole steel structureLaser rock cutter machine body ensuring high stability.Running stability, high precision, and high speed.Compact and rational design, small size machine, convenient to handle and move.

laser rock cutter

The outstanding advantages of laser rock cutter

The outstanding advantages of laser rock cutter is latest automatic Mono block Bridge saw

45 degree miter cutting, horizontal, vertical and diagonal cutting.Four-axis, 11kw motor for blade, total power 25kw PLC control, simple and intuitive operation Tilting table 0- 85° automatic for load materials. Mono block delivery, shipped 98% assembled, convenient installation,Stable struction, high precision, clean cutting, no chipping,Applicable material:marble, sintered stone, quartz stone, granite, ceramic plate and all stone stuffs,New Option: wire remote handle control.

professional saw for in clinedlaser rock cutter cuts was designed to provide precise cuts in sintered stone slabs and other types of stone. With innovative technology, it has an auxiliary head that makes the preparatory channel for gluing and another head that finishes at the tip of the stone, avoiding breakage, rupture and rework, the pieces are ready for gluing.rock cutter polisher precision is guaranteed by the carriage advance over linear guides and the machined strong structure.

laser rock cutter

The field of applicable industries and materials of Laser rock cutter:

Laser rock cutter applicable industry is sintered stone application industry, fabricated building materials industry, home decoration materials industry, cutting marble, artificial stone, quartz stone and other materials.Laser rock cutter applicable material: marble,sintered stone,quartzstone,granite,ceramic plate and all stone stuffsor woodetc.granite cutting machine 45 degree bridge sawwater jet rock cutter blade granite stone miter cutting machine.Focus on exporting to the European and India markets,professional focus in custom-made special stone machine for you.

laser rock cutter

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