Best diamond cutting and polishing machine for rock core

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The working principle of rock core cutting machine

Rock core cutting machine Hydraulic up and Down Multi Disc Cutter is ideal equipment for cutting dimensional granite block into slabs. Maximum blade diameter up to 3000 mm.

The huge bridge is made of cast iron with high rigidity and super weight. When the rock core cutting machine saw blade is cutting on granite, a lot of pressure is created in the cutting head, which transfers to the bridge. A rigid and super weight bridge will not bend,vibrate or give way by this pressure, ensures the blade cutting accuracy. Granite slab produced by rock cutting and polishing machine accurate cutting has a smooth surface, therefore reduce polishing cost.Blade holder sliding rails on the bridge are machined by big modern machining tools with limited small clearance. This ensures the blade holder move smooth and blade make cutting in straight line. Blade holder sliding rails are covered to prevent dust and moisture.

rock core cutting machine

The Construction of Rock core cutting machine

Rock core cutting machine Cutting blade lifting/lowering system is powered by two hydraulic cylinders and guided by two sliding plates. The advantage of hydraulic cylinder powder is to realize fast blade lifting when a cutting is finished.On top of two concrete foundations are fixed screw and nut system to drive the bridge move. Bridge driving motor is installed in the middle back of the machine. It transfers force to two screw and nut systems by a long horizontal bar and two pairs of bevel gears. Bevel gears drive two screw and nut systems same time and same speed, this ensures bridge two ends move in same speed.Dimensional stone block is cut by this multi disc block cutting machine directly on the ground instead of on a trolley. It not only increases stone block stability during cutting process, but also greatly reduces whole machine maintenance cost.Rock core cutting machine Linear guide rails for bridge and rotating worktable are optional.

rock core cutting machine

Characteristics of rock core cutting machine

Rock core cutting machine has simple and reasonable structure, high stability. It adopts hydraulic slide plate to drive blade up and down, which has fast lifting speed, anti-abrasion, not easy to deformation, convenient maintenance and so on characters. Stone processing shall be placed on the tramcar. The diamond cutting machine for rock is suitable for cutting block materials.

Rock core cutting machine has Hydraulic slide plate which has fast lifting speed,Abrasion resistance,not easy to deformation,convenient maintenance and so on characters.Auto slicing by trolley is stone processing shall be placed on the trolley.The waterproofing is made of 3mm whole iron plate,the material is solid,and the trolley is durable.suspension type is electric control cabinet,convenient for customers to choose.vertical type is electric control cabinet,convenient for customers to choose.

rock core cutting machine

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