How much do you know about small hard rock cutting saw machine?

Author:Dafon Kerbstone Machine FROM:Stone Machine Manufacturer TIME:2023-03-07

1. Working principle of small rock cutting machine.

The small rock cutting machine adopts microcomputer control system, easy to operate; one-piece structure, easy to install; the body frame is processed and shaped by CNC gantry machining center at one time, with high precision linear guide slider, grinding grade ball screw, and highly sophisticated servo system, hard rock cutting machine greatly improves the stability, processing accuracy and production efficiency of the equipment and reduces the failure rate. It is suitable for processing various large-size plates with high precision requirements and high value.

rock cutting machine

2. What raw materials is this hard rock cutting machine suitable for?

Small Rock cutting machine consists of cutting knife set, stone conveying table, positioning guide plate and frame. The hard rock cutting machine is made of iron, suitable for dry cutting, wet cutting all kinds of stone, building materials, tile, granite, marble, cement board, red brick,wood, kerbstone,refractory brick, etc.. It is a good tool for home decoration. small rock cutting machine can be used for different depths of stone cutting and processing, and can process stone less than 1m 3, which can turn waste into treasure and greatly save stone resources and help protect the environment. It can cut and process various types of stones mechanically, with high processing efficiency, plus the effective use of small stones, so that the production cost is low.

small rock cutting machine

3.What are the features of the rock cutting saw machine?

The small rock cutting machine cutting is done in one go. Narrow slit, high precision, good slit roughness, no need to reprocess after cutting.small Rock cutting machine High degree of automation of cutting. Small ceramic tile cutting machine can be completely closed processing, no pollution, small noise, greatly improve the working environment of the operator. The rock cutting saw  Low processing cost. The one-time investment in equipment is more expensive, but continuous, mass processing eventually reduces the processing cost of each part. High overall efficiency. Cutting for non-contact processing, small inertia, processing speed, with CNC system CAD/CAM software programming, saving time and convenient, the overall efficiency is very high.

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