Efficient Marble Bridge Cutting Machine Can Automatic Cutting Marble and granite

Author:Dafon Kerbstone Machine FROM:Stone Machine Manufacturer TIME:2023-03-03

Marble bridge cutting machine features stable and efficient

This marble bridge cutting machine adopts bridge structure and uses inverter for stepless speed regulation.It is equipped with rigid cutting work platform and double servo synchronous drive,P6 grinding helical gear,oli-impeding sealed linear guide and other high-precision accessories to make it with high precision,high stability,simple operation,etc.It is processing all kinds of stone products.Ideal equipment.

 granite machine cutter

The introduction of granite machine cutter

The granite machine cutter is controlled by a microcomputer,The matching table can be rotated 360 °in the horizontal plane,45°a positioning(jumpable angle positioning),85°flap. Precision manufacturing assembly and the unique side beam protection device, touch-type operating system, so that it has high precision, high stability high efficiency, easy operation and so on. Especially for high-value large-size granite, marl plate processing.

 Marble bridge cutting machine

The advantage of automatic marble cutting machine

This automatic marble cuttingmachine uses big span bridge structure.The crossbeam and side beams are sealed by oil immersion guide way ,the lube make thin oil film between channeled rail and driving block,and putting the side seam protector can make the lowest cost.

The main engine uses imported frequency converter to achieve stepless speed and regulation cutting. With 90°rotatable worktable, nimble rotation, accurate position,good steel and stable cutting. It suits to cut samll size stone block, thickslabs, tombstone,kerb stone act.

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