Learn About Automatic Edge Cutting Machine for Granite Slab

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Architecture of granite slab cutting machine

Granite slab edge cutting machine The bed of the machine is made of structural steel welded and sized in the length direction to avoid shocks and vibrations. The bottom of the bed is fixed directly on a concrete foundation with a drainage channel in the floor.granite slab edge cutting machine The spindle slide slides on chrome-plated guide ways, which are equipped with a self-lubricating system and do not require maintenance. The main skid plate can be driven by hydraulic cylinder for transverse feed movement. The saw blade can be mounted directly on the output shaft of the motor and is subjected to a certain machining load. The spindle slide is mounted inside the machine bed and drives the spindle in a transverse motion with an adjustable feed speed and a return speed faster than the feed speed during cutting, reducing auxiliary time.

granite slab edge cutting machine

Workflow of granite slab cutting machine

The support of the roller table for transporting stone plates is made of welded steel sections, and the free rolling rollers are installed on granite slab edge cutting machine table, and one end of the rollers is equipped with rollers, while the other end is installed in the sliding sleeve. The rollers are connected to each other by chains, which are driven by electric motors, thus driving the rollers to rotate. The plate is placed on the rollers and driven by the friction between the plate's self-weight and the rollers.

granite slab edge cutting machine

Machine configuration of granite cutting edge machine

All rollers are placed on the same level, which can smoothly transfer a large number of small-size stone a board. The electric control original of the stone cutting edge machine is installed in a waterproof control cabinet with a protected remote switch and motor protection device. The control panel is installed in the front of the equipment for easy operation. On the control panel there are indication tables, waterproof buttons. The control system can control the machine working individually or in automatic cutting cycles. The ammeter is used to detect the power consumed by the motor during the cutting of the saw blade. All the sample system uses plc.

granite slab edge cutting machine

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