Stone Grinding Machine for Granite Marble

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Introduction of stone grinding machine

Grinding machine is one of the most widely used equipment in stone processing.stone grinding machine is mainly used to grind and polish the surface of various stone rough slabs and blocks. Grinding and polishing is a very important process in stone processing, grinding and polishing quality directly affects the surface gloss. According to the form of mill plate movement, it can be divided into sports mill and fixed mill.stone grinding machine for grinding and polishing processing in addition to the front processing of the plate, sometimes also on its side processing, but also on a variety of shaped surface processing.

stone grinding machine

The working principle of granite grinding machine

Granite grinding machine is composed of a set of grinding heads with gradually decreasing grinding block size. The gross plate is lifted by the crane onto the roller conveyor, which delivers it to the mill conveyor, and the material is sent to the grinding area by the conveyor. The grinding heads of the mill are started, and the grinding heads carry out rotational movement, while applying certain pressure to the rough plate under the action of the cylinder to rough, fine grinding and polishing the rough plate. While the rough plate is being ground, it moves longitudinally on the conveyor belt, while the cross beam of the mill moves transversely to complete the processing of the entire surface of the plate.


Introduction of marble grinding machine

Marble grinding machine is an automatic grinding and polishing line used to process marble rough slabs and marble tiles coming off the bi-directional cutting machine. The production line consists of several grinding heads, including thickness setting, grinding and polishing. Each grinding head is equipped with a hydraulic device to apply working pressure to the processed slabs, and the slabs processed with this equipment have high processing accuracy and productivity.

marble grinding machine

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