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The Background of Stone Carving Machine Production

Shaped stone shape is complex, both plane curve and three-dimensional space curve, the space surface constituted is also a variety of. At the same time, a processing entity has both cubic and rotary body, bringing some difficulty to the processing. Demand generated market,stone carving machine was developed and created,cnc stone carving machine equipment with 3-axis and 4-axis precision mechanism, can process complex three-dimensional carving pattern, set plane carving and rotary body processing in one, can simultaneously process kitchen fixtures, a variety of stone countertops, base monument surface, arches, a variety of shapes wheelhouse, fireplace, etc

cnc stone carving machine

CNC Stone Carving Processing Service Range

CNC stone carving machine has a variety of processing functions and can process any shape of European tombstones and home decorative items, and can be engraved and carved to process any shape and any font with the fastest speed and best precision. Therefore its processing range is large, its application is wide and its production efficiency is high. Each stone carving machine has a certain range of applications. Some of the main functions are rotary body processing, some are flat engraving, some are three-dimensional engraving, some are flat lettering, some are contouring processing, some are forming processing, some are turning processing, etc.

cnc granite engraving machine

Introduction of Dafon Engraving Machine

Dafon marble carving machine is a CNC center for two-dimensional (shallow surface) and three-dimensional (engraving and shallow relief) processing of marble, granite and glass, with functions of drilling, engraving, milling, cutting, wheelhouse forming, grinding, polishing and turning processing. The machining center is composed of cross beam, longitudinal beam, sliding plate, cutting head, rotary table and flat table mechanism, which can realize three-dimensional processing and rotary body processing of stone. At the same time, 3 to 5 axes linkage can be realized, and complex surface processing can be carried out.89 Both batch production and single piece processing have high production efficiency.

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