The introduction Of Kerbstone Automatic Chamfering Machine

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The introduction of kerbstone

A kerbstone is a stone or concrete edge to a path, road, or pavement. It is designed to provide a visual barrier between the road and the pedestrian area, as well as a physical barrier to prevent vehicles from encroaching on the pedestrian area.

kerb stone

The introduction of Dafon automatic chamfering machine

We develop this automatic chamfering machine with new design and electric control system, combined with market demand at home and abroad. It is a double-sided polishing machine, instead of the usual curbstone products mainly rely on manual polishing, it greatly increased the production efficiency, solved the previous manual buffing the situation of low cost and high production efficiency. Dafon chamfering machine with the best price to sale on the market. chamfering machine uses the advanced operation control system, the operation is simple, the performance is stable, which is suitable for curbstone, top pressing stone, tombstone and so on.

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how to use kerbstone chamfering machine

1. Set up the chamfering machine on a flat and stable surface. Make sure the machine is secured and will not move during use.

2. Place the kerbstone onto the machine's chamfering table. Make sure the stone is properly secured and will not move during use.

3. Adjust the chamfering machine's depth and angle settings to your desired specifications.

4. Turn on the machine and allow it to reach full speed.

5. Slowly lower the chamfering tool onto the kerbstone and begin chamfering.

6. Move the chamfering tool along the kerbstone until the desired chamfer is achieved.

7. Turn off the machine and remove the kerbstone from the chamfering table.

8. Inspect the chamfer to ensure it meets your desired specifications.


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