Introduction to the dafon Infrared 4 axis marble bridge saw machine

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The introduction of infrared bridge saw machine

four-axis infrared stone bridge saw uses a diamond saw blade as the cutting tool and the blade spindle is driven at high speed by a motor;the Infrared bridge saw machine is equipped with a four-axis infrared bridge saw, capable of cutting along the X, Y and Z axes as well as the rotary axis. This allows complex shapes to be cut with ease.
bridge saw machine is the main machine for stone cutting and processing, suitable for cutting and processing granite and marble slabs.bridge cutting machine is controlled by PLC, the cutting dimensions are entered digitally by a computer terminal, and all operations can be done manually or automatically by computer program.

bridge saw cutting machine

The Advantage of marble bridge saw machine

  • Stable structure: The bridge sawmill uses cast iron in the main part of the machine body to ensure the stability when cutting
  • Easy operation: bridge saw cutting machine adopts PLC programmable control system and touch screen operation combined with high precision coding and positioning (Omron brand encoder). The bridge saw table is controlled by hydraulic rotation and can also be manually locked in any position.
  • High efficiency: The cutting speed is controlled by frequency converter for stepless adjustment, and the head movement, table heading up, rotation and positioning are moved by hydraulic drive. Stone cutting saw machine can cut easily by manual and fully automatic.
  • Widely used: It is suitable for cutting a variety of sizes of valuable and large size slabs, and can be used to cut a variety of materials, including stone, ceramics, glass and metal, etc.
  • Safety: safer operation than traditional cutting methods

marble bridge cutting machine

Use bridge cutting machine production marble granite

  1. Set up the CNC bridge saw according to the manufacturer's instructions.
  2. Place the marble or granite slab on the operator's table.
  3. Use the machine's computer interface to create a cutting program for the slab.
  4. Adjust the machine's settings for cutting speed, depth and other parameters.
  5. Start the machine and let it cut the slab according to the program.

stone bridge saw

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