Why is after service of stone machines important?

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Introduction to services for the stone machinery industry

In the machinery industry, the service of mechanical products is not only an extension of the product's value but also a reflection of the quality of the product. Therefore, the service of stone machinery enterprises to customers is not just handing over the goods to the customer at the moment on the end, but from the beginning of sales, throughout the product's entire life cycle. Customers are not just buying stone cutting machines, but also the purchase of machinery and services for machinery, including installation services in the agreement, as well as the effective period of repair, maintenance, and production guidance.

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What are the services included in dafon machinery?

Pre-sales service:

The purpose of Dafon's pre-sales service is to help customers understand the performance, characteristics, application areas, etc. of stonecutting machine, and to recommend suitable stone machinery according to customers' needs and circumstances.


The content of the pre-sales service includes:

Program design: understand the customer's needs and the actual situation, to establish a preliminary design and planning recommendations

Product introduction: recommend suitable stone machinery and introduce its performance, characteristics, parameter introduction, application areas, quotations, etc.

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In-sale service

It refers to the services provided to customers during the product sales process. Its purpose is to help customers complete the stone cutting machine procurement and to ensure that the machinery is delivered on time.


The content of the sales service includes:

Order processing: by the signed contract, the timely scheduling of production, and timely report to the customer on the progress of production

Inspection and test machine: quality inspection of the machine before shipment, test machine video sent to the customer

Machine delivery: according to the trade mode of the contract between the two sides, arrange the loading of containers and shipment.

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After-sales service :

After-sales service refers to the service provided to customers after the sale of machinery. Its purpose is to help customers solve problems in the process of use, and improve the efficiency and life of machinery.

After-sales service includes:

Machinery installation: according to the contract requirements, if the customer has the demand, our installers can be paid for the customer's installation

Mechanical maintenance: provide customers with maintenance services during the warranty period.

Technical consulting: to provide customers with technical advice on machinery and guide the production of services.

In addition, the after-sales service of the machinery industry can also be specifically adjusted according to the characteristics of different machinery.

For example, for some complex machinery and equipment, remote monitoring, fault warning, and other services can also be provided.

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Introduction Dafon Machinery services

Dafon machinery is famous for the quality and service of machinery products, in the pre-sale and after-sale three major services, there is a set of processes, each order is strictly in accordance with the process implementation, there is a strong after-sales service team, and can stand in the customer's point of view, understand the customer's anxiety and loss due to machinery failure, timely treatment of customer machinery encountered in the process of production, to help the customers with timely repairs. Improve customer experience and satisfaction, increase the frequency of customer repurchases, and obtain customer recognition of dafon machinery, so dafon machinery establishes a good reputation, attracts more customers, increases market share, and promotes the development of enterprises.

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