What are the different types of stone polishing machine?

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When you need to purchase a granite marble polish machine, you need to determine the following points:

1. the material to bepolished(granite or marble)

2. The size/specification of the material

3. Required output and budget for the purchase

polishing stone for granite

Polishing stone for granite

Resin granite line polishing machine

Granite line polishing machine is suitable for the width of 1400mm or less, using high precision grinding head and disc, with continuous processing, can realize the stone continuous fine polishing, greatly improving the processing efficiency. There are 8 heads, 12 heads, 16 heads, 20 heads and 24 heads to choose from.

resin granite line polishing machine

Fickert head polishing machine is suitable for granite slabs with a width of more than 1400mm, with advanced automatic control system, the grinding head can automatically recognize the shape of the plate automatically lift and follow the grinding in the record of the plate, the performance of the whole machine is stable, the grinding disc area is larger, suitable for large grinding place, the work efficiency is higher than the resin automatic grinder, 16 head of the bra The length of the 16-head bra mill is 11600mm, the motor power is 15kw, the thickness of the grinding is 2-10cm, 10cm or more manual grinding is recommended.

Fickert head polishing machine

Both are used for granite grinding, Bra grinder than resin grinder grinding quality is good (bright), high efficiency, but the overall cost is high. Both different motors, Bra grinder's motor is large, Bra grinder's labor costs, the cost of abrasives, machinery cost than the cost of resin grinder will be high. Grinding speed and large cut down the flatness of the board has a relationship, high flatness, grinding speed.

polish machine for marble

Frankfurt head marble slab polishing machine

If you're looking to achieve a high shine on your marble, look no further than Frankfurt marble slab polishing machine. With a variety of heads to choose from, ranging from 12 to 24,Mainly polishing marble slabs, it uses horseshoe-shaped abrasives (also known as grinding wheels) to remove or grind the rough part of the material's surface to make it smooth. Characterized by high precision and high efficiency, it greatly improves the speed and precision of polishing, reduces production costs and increases competitiveness. The more heads the grinder has, the higher the luminosity.

frankfurt head polishing machine

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