What tools are there for a bridge saws?

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Bridge saws are divided into the following types according to their functions, cutting stones and other methods. What they all have in common is cutting stones.


Block bridge saw is the most commonly used machine for cutting blocks into stone slabs. It can hang up to 18 saw blades. It cuts the slabs accurately and has high cutting efficiency.

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5 axis bridge saw is a multi-functional cutting machine, controlled by a five-axis linkage CNC system, visual positioning and typesetting, the system stores commonly used cutting graphics, high-definition linear guides, and ball screw drive, with multi-function, high accuracy, and stability. Strong and other characteristics to help the stone processing industry comprehensively upgrade


The 4-axis bridge saw is an upgraded version of the 3-axis bridge saw. It has an integrated structure and uses linear guide rails to control the forward and backward movement of the machine. The servo drive controls the cutting speed to be fast, stable, and highly precise. It has a simple human-machine operation interface and a simple operation interface.

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Infrared bridge saw is suitable for cutting marble, granite and non-metallic large-sized plates. The machine is simple and intuitive to operate, accurate in positioning, stable and reliable. The workbench rotates 360 degrees. 85 degree flip. The machine is integrated and easy to install.

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